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The author, having built a 150 person agency, with over 30 years of successful insurance recruiting, training, selling and marketing experience, will share many of his learned and proven selling and recruiting techniques with you, as well as newly discovered ideas. 

Agency Building and Recruiting Ideas

Attention Agency Managers, agency builders and insurance recruiters. See the enclosed agency building (PDF) memo from Ted Wolk. The information in this memo may provide you with some help to recruit and build your agency.

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Relationship Building Idea. Promote your brand

Relationship building Idea. Promote your brand. Learn how to build future sales by capitalizing on the most overlooked part of your insurance business

Continue reading "Relationship Building Idea. Promote your brand"

Insurance selling and relationship building skills

Insurance selling and relationship building skills. Learn how they can help you make more insurance sales.

Continue reading "Insurance selling and relationship building skills"

How can I build a mdrt culture for my team?

How can I build a mdrt culture for my team?

Continue reading "How can I build a mdrt culture for my team?"

Best time of the year to recruit new Insurance agents

Best time of the year to recruit insurance agents. Want to get your year off to a fast start, this is how to do it. Use these proven insurance agent recruiting Ideas to hire insurance agents.

Continue reading "Best time of the year to recruit new Insurance agents "

Referrals and Retention | The insurance agents dilemma

Referrals and Retention. Don't take this part of your business for granted. It is what creates the longevity of your insurance career. Learn more.

Continue reading "Referrals and Retention | The insurance agents dilemma"

A Life Insurance Help Library for Insurance Agents, Managers and Recruiters

8 insurance marketing ideas and tips written by successful professionals to help new and existing insurance agents.

Continue reading "A Life Insurance Help Library for Insurance Agents, Managers and Recruiters"

Is being a contractor/broker with no benefits the average set up at an independent agency?

I would be provided errors and omissions ins and given access to the companies. It's up to me to get licensed, and then I'll be trained. However, each

Continue reading "Is being a contractor/broker with no benefits the average set up at an independent agency?"

150 insurance clients can take care of you for life

How your first 150 clients can take care of you for the rest of your insurance career.

Continue reading "150 insurance clients can take care of you for life "

Overcoming life insurance objections

Overcoming life insurance objections and rebuttals to objections for newly married and young single people.

Continue reading "Overcoming life insurance objections"

P&C new captive agent

Do you have a sister site or area related to property and casualty agents?

Continue reading "P&C new captive agent"

Ideas for New Insurance Agent

I am a new insurance agent. I wish I could have some ideas on how should I start. Thanks.

Continue reading "Ideas for New Insurance Agent"

Becoming insurance agent

I am interested to enter insurance field, and am planning to start with one life insurance product and a health insurance product as well. Is it possible?

Continue reading "Becoming insurance agent"

Insurance Marketing Ideas and Selling Tips

Insurance marketing ideas and Insurance selling systems that can make you a better salesperson.

Continue reading "Insurance Marketing Ideas and Selling Tips"

Agency Builders - When is The Best Time of Year to Recruit

This article explains when the best time of the year for recruiting is, and provides you a check list and a script I used to recruit over a 150 agents in 7 years. Click on the other links in this article to help you with more recruiting tips and ideas.

Continue reading "Agency Builders - When is The Best Time of Year to Recruit"

Cold Calling Prospects|Using The Phone to Set Appointments|Insurance Marketing

Cold calling prospects | Tips and techniques to help set interviews using the phone | You only have about 10 seconds to get prospects attention

Continue reading "Cold Calling Prospects|Using The Phone to Set Appointments|Insurance Marketing"

Making prospect calls

What are the best times of day (and days) to maximize efficiency when setting appointments?

Continue reading "Making prospect calls"

Why insurance agents fail or succeed

Why Insurance agents fail or succeed. Failing is easy. Lets examine why most insurance agents fail and what is required to become a successful agent, including ideas on how to fix your bad habits.

Continue reading "Why insurance agents fail or succeed"

Investment Linked Policy as education fund

Is there a good concept to position an investment linked policy as an education fund? How can I overcome the objection on market volatility?

Continue reading "Investment Linked Policy as education fund"

Presentation and Selling Skills.The most powerful way to close a insurance sale.

Presentation and Selling Skills that can help you close any insurance sale by using this one powerful proven closing concept.

Continue reading "Presentation and Selling Skills.The most powerful way to close a insurance sale."

What's your take on the issues below?

Hi Ted. I must appreciate you for your posts, it has indeed been insightful. Before now I rarely ask for lead but from you, I have seen that I' ve been

Continue reading "What's your take on the issues below?"

Insurance Prospecting Ideas, Habits, Techniques and Tips.
Our most read article for this month.

Your number one priority to selling insurance and becoming successful is that you must learn how to prospect by developing an ongoing prospecting system and have a positive prospecting attitude.

Continue reading "Insurance Prospecting Ideas, Habits, Techniques and Tips.
Our most read article for this month."

Corporate Sales

I am a personal lines P&C guy wanting to transition into more life sales. I am thinking about marketing Buy/Sell life insurance and Executive Bonus Plans

Continue reading "Corporate Sales"

Commercial P&C insurance agent commissions

Please describe this example of a Commercial P&C agent compensation: Year 1 $35,000 plus 10% commission / new business Year 2 $25,000 plus 25%

Continue reading "Commercial P&C insurance agent commissions"

Life insurance agent |The psychology of communicating!

A life insurance agent best selling skill is to learn the art of communicating and relationship building? This can be your most important asset.

Continue reading "Life insurance agent |The psychology of communicating!"

Managing systems to achieve your goals.

Isn't managing a system the same as goal setting?

Many people have asked me "what does it mean when someone says they are managing a system. Isn't that the same as setting goals?"

The simple answer is No, it is not the same as setting goals.

A system is the repetition of a systematic series of steps and deadlines to achieve goals.

Managing systems removes all the emotional baggage when dealing with people.

To be a truly successful insurance agency manager or a successful personal insurance producer, or for that matter, successful in any endeavor that you may take on, you must first have a business plan , then you need to develop and manage systems to accomplish your intended plan of action. Success does not happen by accident.

Managing a system will help you achieve the desired positive results (goals) you want to achieve, and can help you identify the negative results that can continue to create future problems.

In addition to developing successful sales results and techniques, managing systems, and not people is the most important part of recruiting and training new insurance agents.

Continue reading "Managing systems to achieve your goals."

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