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Phone Calling for Appointments. Tips and Techniques
February 02, 2013

Phone Calling and Appointment Setting Ideas

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In my last newsletter, I indicated that we are starting a 5 part series on how to use the telephone to set appointments and minimize the number of broken selling appointments. I have included the previous two articles in case you missed them, as well as the most current one - 103

Here is the first article.

Here is the second article on Phone calling for appointments - 102

Here is the third article on settting appointments using the phone -103.

If learned and practiced, these ideas can become some of your more valuable tools to help you generate sales.

The key to success is to learn and develop positive traits used by other successful agents. They are called systems. A system is something you do over and over again, and refine it. Every area of your marketing and selling cycle must have independent systems. (phone calling, referred leads, interview, closing, service, etc.)

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