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  • Ed Ruotolo

Sales Mentor
by: Ed Ruotolo

Hi Ted,
Thanks for responding so fast. Do you still mentor
agents??? If so, i am interested... Also, I asked about a repeatable sales process on your site. I found it in mastering the art of closing the sale.
I am not a newcomer, just in a rut...The last 10 years or more I always made $200-250k per yr selling annuities...Now i would like to master
life insurance as well, and add another stream of income...Your site is great, its a huge help to all agents, all levels...

Ed Ruotolo

  • From Mike McCoy

I just read your article on "Third Party Book To Overcome Insurance Selling Objections", and I couldn't agree with you more. When you have good (third Party)factual information simply explaining how your product is going to benefit your clients.

We have even written a short, simple to read book to help our partners who sell (or want to sell) IUL products. This book is full of factual information from many different valid sources. It has given our partners a great tool to use while they are sitting in front of their client.

Thanks for all you do.


  • From Mike McCoy,

Hello Ted,

I just read your newsletter regarding the importance of building that relationship with your clients. I couldn't agree with you more on this topic. I have been in the insurance marketing side of this business for 17 years now. I have worked with thousands of agents over these years, and I have learned why some agents fail and why some do extremely well. There are many reasons why a large majority of the agents who get into this business fail, but there are only a few reasons why all the top producers I have worked with over these years have been successful.

1. They put in the time and hard work it takes to do this job well.

2. They love what they are doing.

3. They develop a relationship with their clients. They learn things about their clients and take notes so they can look back on them later. They send them birthday and holiday cards. They call them a couple of times a year, just to say hi and see if there has been any changes in their life that might need their assistance or advice. It's all about relationships. If they feel that you truly care about them, they won't forget about you. Being that I am blessed to be able to work with agents on the marketing side, I get to learn things from the top producers that the agent who is struggling out in the field working on their own doesn't. I love sharing with our partners what I have learned from you.

all the best. Thanks for all you do Ted.

Mike McCoy mmccoy@laaminc.com www.laaminc.com

  • From Chung Vui Loon,

Chung Vui Loon

Dear Ted ,

Your material is exciting And useful。
I believe it will help me a lot.
When the student is ready, the master will appear.

Regards Chung

  • From L. Peter Gunn,  United States

I would like to write a short testimonial to your website.

I'm always looking for information on the Internet to help me become a better Life Insurance Agent. Ted, your website is one of the Best I've ever encountered. With a wealth of good solid information to help Agents reach the next level of success. I will be informing all my colleagues about your website. Thank You and keep up the great work.

L. Peter Gunn

  • From Donald Edwards,  Upper Marboro, MD

I found this website by accident. it is one of the best accidents i have had. the information on this website is invaluable. I have shared it with a number of independent agents and i have already started implementing what i have learned i have made my first sale using the techniques on this site. Thank-you Mr. Wolk

  • From Zac Di Sabatino · Senior Business Analyst at Prophix

Ted, as a 22 year old about to begin my career in the industry I am absolutely thrilled that I found your website. It is the most honest, detailed and brilliant website available for up and coming life agents, I can see how you have created a 150 agent shop. I am working hard to follow your lead. Thanks

  • From Sonya Baily; Houston, Texas

Thank you so much for your help.  I love the website and your Prospect or Die e-book & appreciate you going out of your way to assist us. I'm not a native of TX so I don't know a lot of people.  I'm going to work your plan from the very beginning.  I'll let you know when I start the program.

  • From:Jojo Lubrica Country: Philippines

    I think your site is solid and straightforward and I'm learning a lot, because I'm just starting. Compared to other sites that are full of hype and quick solutions, I think this one has the most honest perspective on training and giving info.

  • When I landed on Ted's insurance website by accident, I couldn't believe what I had found. by Mike McCoy (Ca.) www.laaminc.com

    The Best One Stop Shop for information & training My name is Mike McCoy, and I work in the marketing department for one of the largest Independent Marketing Companies (IMO,s) in the country. We partner with thousands of agents who are contracted and write business under/through our hierarchy.I have personally worked with these agents for over ten years, providing them with leads, pending business questions, product information and many other things. The problem is my time is limited, and frankly there are too many agents who need my assistance.I am only one of several marketing consultants, that work in our office, and we probably have more agent support than most of our competition.

    After working on this end of the business for the past ten years, I have found that there is no way I can help every agent with every need.

    This is why Ted's website is so helpful. When I landed on Ted's website by accident, I couldn't believe what I had found. I kept looking for something to pop up asking for money to be able to proceed deeper into his website, but a request for money never materialized, it just kept supplying me with more and more information from how to get started in the life insurance business, and how to keep your new clients for years.

    Anything I could try to think of was there in complete and detailed answers.This site is the only one of its kind, that I know of, that was designed and run by an actual agent and agency builder who learned all of the suggestions and recommendations by actually doing it for over 30 years in the business.

    And to learn that all he wanted to do was pass along (pay it forward) all of his information and knowledge for everyone else to use? simply amazing!I recently had the opportunity to talk with Ted and he has indicated that he plans to create a series of Mini-Educational Video Seminars in the near future, to further assist and help new and existing agents. I will be telling all of our existing agents (well over 10,000) about this site and every new agent that joins our team from this day going forward.

    Ted, I don't know how we (and our industry) could thank you enough for all your hard work, selfless dedication for creating something just to help other agents. Again, I thank you very much and we look forward to working with you for LIFE.

    Mike McCoy Life and Annuity Masters

  • From:Joseph Johnson City: Kochi State/Prov: India

    Thanks a lot for the tips of insurance selling in a selfless manner. I am an agent in India and try to make use of the tips given. Also please provide some tips for opening correspondence with a client after the first interview, enabling to get the next interview. If I learn the lessons, I know I can target my career to the real professional style. I already have passed this information to many others

  • John Alves from: San Diego,Ca.

    The moment I was told about Ted's website, I couldn't get to my computer fast enough! I have a small agency, and I've been in the industry for a while now. But what I came across in Ted's website is just awesome! I call it my "Life Insurance Bible"! It has everything you need to know right here. I also want to thank my good friend, Mike McCoy from Life and Annuity Masters whom I'm partnered with. Mike was responsible for leading me to Ted's website. Thank you Ted for this growing masterpiece, and thank you Mike McCoy! 
  • Alex from: West Springfield, Mass.

    I am a Independent Life Agent whose always looking for new ideas and suggestions for streamlining my new career. I stumbled upon your website while looking for ideas for acquiring referrals. Your website is incredible! The techniques you present are used by most successful agents. Its so helpful to have them all on one website. I wanted to show my appreciation for this great service you provide. Thank you!
  • Michelle From: N.Carolina

    Hi Ted, I am used to being able to do a needs analysis-that will target areas of need, calculate things like plans for retirement, education etc. Please keep me posted w/new things on your site. I love the information you provided and you really helped me. I read through everything on your site and greatly appreciate the information you make available there.
  • Luke Avery from: www.averyinsures.com

    "I just passed all the required training for P/C and Life. I'm looking to start as a Associate Agent in the next month or so. Great website and has great information for someone heading into this industry. When I saw your site I was new to the insurance industry and your site gave me the peace of mind to enter into the industry with some direction. Last quarter I was one of the leaders in New England territory for life insurance. Thank you again Ted
  • Bruce: from Woodstock, GA “Wow!

    Thank you for your information-laden web site! I am a down sized executive just starting my life insurance career, (I'm 55) have had some initial first success (started in August this year), but hit that first year prospecting wall and after reading much of your site, am very much encouraged and have more great ideas from you to work on. Thanks for the prospecting and lead generation information.
  • Eddie from Florida:

    You are AWESOME!!! I came across your site the other day after looking for some motivation as I am wrestling with the idea of going into the field. Your site has been inspiring me to really consider the jump. My wife is just as supportive as yours was, and she believes in me a little more. I really believe in myself to jump into this business. God Bless!
  • From: Dustin

    I am a new independent agent I started 03/02/2010 and I just wanted to say this is a VERY helpful and informative site. Thank you very much for so much valuable knowledge for no cost.
  • From: Benn Jackson

    Ted, Just wanted to say first and foremost... your website is incredible. Thank you for compiling the wealth of information that you have. I am new to the field and having so much valuable info all in one place is a help greater than i can even explain... Kudos! Benn Jackson