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Insurance selling techniques need to be mastered to be successful
July 25, 2013

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This latest article on Insurance Selling Tips and Techniques can help any producing agent or insurance sales person achieve better sales results. Make sure you take the time to read and study the articles we provide to you. Remember - Knowledge is power.

Also see my short video on insurance selling tips and techniques.

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Have you ordered your prospect or die e-book yet. These ideas can help you with many of your prospecting problems. For managers, it is a great training tool for new agents. Order your copy today.

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Remember that the key to success is to learn and develop positive traits used by other successful agents. Those traits are called systems. Every area of your marketing and selling cycle must have independent systems. (phone calling, referred leads, interview, closing, service, etc.) A system is something you do over and over again, and refine it.

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