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Relationship Building Skills
September 05, 2014

From Ted Wolk, Site author and creator

Here is one of my best kept secrets for relationship building.

This insurance selling tip is one of the techniques I used to help me in my client relationship building skills.

As soon as I left an interview I would enter on my prospect card or on my computer some specific footnotes about that client or prospect for future reference.

During the interview, they may have been excited and talked about one of their children's sporting events or they were going on a trip to Disneyland.

By making these little footnotes to myself, I was able to refer back to these notes and when I called back next month or during my annual interview.

I would bring up that issue about their son or daughter or their trip. You would be surprised how impressed they were with me for remembering, and they were appreciative that I remembered, and thought I had a fantastic memory. In today's culture and information world, anything you can do that will make you different and separate you from all the other agents will help you in selling life insurance.

Remember, build relationships and sell yourself. "People like to do business with a friend, someone they are comfortable with." Not a salesperson.

Practice and work on your Insurance selling and relationship building skills.

Keep in mind that selling life insurance is not a spectator sport. There is only one report card at the end of the month, and that is how many sales did you make?

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Ted Wolk

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