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Using Opportunity Meetings to Recruit - Module # 10
November 26, 2013

Happy Thankgiving

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I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We need to all be grateful for what we have and take some time to reflect on the wonderful things we have in our life. Sometimes we get to moving so fast that we just don't reflect on the good things.

If you have children, enjoy them. Take the time to tell them something good that they do, that makes you proud. There is a very small window of time that you can enjoy with them, and then it closes. If you have the financial ability, create a Thanksgiving basket for someone in need.

JUST RELEASED - For agency managers and recruiters.

We have just recently released Module # 10 of our agency building manual. It is called "How to use Opportunity meetings to recruit and build an agency". Every agency builder should have this sitting on their desk.

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, we have revised our agency building manual so that each module can now be purchased separately. We also revised our annual fee on the insurance recruiters roundtable with a low yearly rate.

Now, all new agency managers can start out slow, and with a small investment, then add what they need, one module at a time.

Existing agency managers will now have the opportunity to buy only the modules they may need to help them solve a specific problem.

Take a moment and check out how you can now purchase these individual recruiting modules located at Insurance Recruiters Modules. Remember - Knowledge is power.

Recently Published

Have you ordered your prospect or die e-book yet. These ideas can help you with many of your prospecting problems. For managers, it is a great training tool for new agents. Order your copy today.

Click this link for more information on how to order and see a summary outline of this e-book.

Remember that the key to success is to learn and develop positive traits used by other successful agents. Those traits are called systems. Every area of your marketing and selling cycle must have independent systems. (phone calling, referred leads, interview, closing, service, etc.) A system is something you do over and over again, and refine it.

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Life is good.

Ted Wolk

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