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Insurance Recruiters, Agency managers. Do any of these comments fit you?

  • It seems like I am spinning my wheels and getting nowhere?
  • I just can’t find the right people.
  • Where should i get names to recruit from?
  • I am lacking the support and help to recruit and build?
  • What should I be teaching new agents to make them successful?
  • How do I sell a new candidate on joining my team?
  • Why do the people I do recruit seem to fail so soon?
  • I wish I had a blueprint or a success formula to follow!

Below this video, you will find a summary of each of the modules that are part of our complete agency building manual, which can help you with each of the above questions, plus much more. 

The complete agency building system and all its modules can help you avoid the same mistakes I made during my first 4 years of trying to build an agency, and eliminate the mistakes that most insurance recruiters and agency builders make. 

Building an  insurance agency is not a shot in the dark approach, it is a systematic process.

Now you can have your own complete system that will save you countless hours of trial and error.

you also have the option to purchase individual modules
that fit your specific needs. 

Each module deals with each part of the recruiting and training process.

  • You can start with module #1. If you Like what you see,
  • Then move forward step by step to the next module, one at at time, till you have the complete agency building system.

  • Or if you are an existing manager, pick the modules that will most help you.
  • Recommended>> purchase the entire system to save money. Jump to the order form  page for complete details and learn how to take 6 months to pay, interest free.


I recruited 8 agents with poor results.  Did some assessing, made some changes and have since recruited 6 more. To my surprise, what I changed in my recruiting is actually the process you recommended. Excellent site!
First Name: Paulette
Last Name: S                                      More testimonials   

Recruiting insurance agents is an art.

These fast track agency building and recruiting modules and workbooks provide you with the success formulas and step by step systems that my team and i developed and used, when i built my 150 person insurance agency in just 7 years. There are 10 separate modules and they include all the building blocks, recruiting talks and procedures needed to get you fast started building your own agency and recruiting the proper people.

Start studying as soon as your order is processed, usually in less
than 10 minutes.

Of course you will fine tune each module to fit your specific situation and we can help you through our support system.

Ted Wolk, site author "there is no substitute for experience" 

Module 1 - In this first module, we start you out with a complete introduction to agency building and insurance recruiting.

It provides you the secret to a continuous supply of recruiting names that is right in front of you every day and talks about how and what insurance recruiters need to look for when recruiting insurance agents. It also provides you a much needed insight to help you understand the philosophy of agency building and examines the mistakes made by most failing agency builders and insurance recruiters.

If new to agency building, or just starting to recruit, this module is a must before moving on to the next modules. ( 21 powerful Pages of ideas and concepts) 

Price is  - $39.95


Module 2 - Your agency "Welcome to our team handout manual." 

This is your new recruits blueprint for success manual. It gives your new insurance recruit a sense of  trust and direction, and most importantly clarifies and explains what they can expect from you, to help them succeed in their insurance sales career. It includes a mission statement, timetables as well as your expectations of that new recruit. This handout is given to a new agent right after the first recruiting interview. if you do not have one, this is a must have manual.  (12 pages)

Price is -$29.95


Module 3 - Insurance Recruiting interview checklist.

This powerful recruiting interview checklist goes hand in hand with Module 2 and provides you with a complete step by step outline of what to do and say when you have your first one on one meeting to select or hire a possible new recruit. It will help you eliminate the biggest mistakes most agency recruiters and managers make when first hiring new agents.

The selection process, if done improperly is why most agents fail. As I was told, Just this module alone, is worth the price of the the complete system. (7 Pages)

Price is -$17.95


Module 4 - A new agent training program summary

This module sets the ground rules and explains to the new agent what type of training is provided by you and what is expected of them. It provides in detail, a complete outline of the information outlined in your new agent welcome to our team manual. No surprises later on and provides you with a system to manage those who are procrastinators.  (9 pages)

Price is -$19.95


"Successful insurance recruiting, training and agent development requires a complete system. A detailed system that you can manage effectively on a day to day basis."

Module 5 - This module provides you with the new agent daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly self analysis reporting forms and worksheets

Most managers have no clue how to manage their agents. this module provides a number of tools that you need to manage your new and existing agents. it also explains how to use these forms and sell your agents on why they need to keep accurate records. In this module we also show you how to train your agents to use the agent weekly report form and provide you with a continuous flow of new recruit names. All business's that fail, do so because of inadequate record keeping. This module helps insurance recruiters properly manage their sales people effectively. (11 pages)

Price is - $24.95


Module 6 - This provides a complete detailed checklist for running an insurance client service interview or an orphan policy holder update interview.

New agents are at a loss as to how to run an interview with orphan policy holders or existing clients. In fact, most managers overlook this area and many do not even know how to ask their home office for an orphans list. This system can help that new agent supplement their lead system while getting started. (7 pages)

Price is - $19.95


Module 7 - The guts of the system - A detailed 30 day and 60 day training program

along with timetables and deadlines. Most managers fail because they try to manage the people and not the system. Learning how to manage the systems and not the people, makes you a real manager. Use these systems to help you develop and make that new recruit successful. (8 pages)

Price is - $28.95


Module 8 - This module provides a with a systematic list of Recruiting and training links

We created a online training program which is located on our website that you can use to help you recruit and use as a new agent training resource. It is updated on a regular basis with new releases. It will save you valuable time, while helping you recruit and fast start new and existing agents. It provides you with a menu of systematic training tools.

It also provides you with a recruiting tools that you can e-mail to a potential recruit and a new agent in training. It explains to a new agent the difference between a job and a career and the pros and cons. 

Price is - $18.95


"This Insurance-Recruiters-Manual-and-Recruiting-Workbooks  and  each  module will not only save you valuable time, but you will have a complete proven and tested fast track system to help you start recruiting and building a successful agency right away."

Module 9 - this is your support system and could be the best recruiting tool you will ever purchase. 

It is like having your own mentor on standby. ask questions about any of the information in any of the modules - "get answers from other recruiters and agency builders and from the author of this site, Ted Wolk". the insurance recruiters round table is available only with the purchase of the premier package, or you can purchase individually.  

Price is - $19.95 per year.


Module 10Recruit by using monthly opportunity meetingsMy number one recruiting system.

Creating an ongoing agent recruiting system is the most important aspect of recruiting and hiring new agents. whether you are an agency manager or a corporate recruiter. using the opportunity meetings concept properly will be your most effective tool for hiring quality agents. This module shows you how to set up opportunity meetings along with the scripts and how to run them. Opportunity meetings save you valuable time and provides an ongoing pool of recruits to select from. (10 pages)

Price is - $24.95


Each e-book module is in a pdf format, and can be downloaded and printed so you can make your own hard copy. Once ordered, we will send you your own personal link to open each module. No waiting. You will have instant access and can start using these ideas to help you start recruiting and building right away.

Are you ready?

Knowledge is power.  There is no substitute for experience. Lets get started by using a proven and tested 
fast track system to build and develop a successful insurance agency. 

Save money and purchase the entire system

Start reading and studying  and building you agency

in the next 15 minutes.   Click here  to Jump to the ordering page.

Here is what you get. Exclusive to our readers

You will receive all the above modules which will provide you with the compete system I used to build a 150 person life insurance agency in 7 years. This entire system was created to help those managers lacking support or needing guidance to build their dream. 

You can now buy this complete insurance recruiters system for less than $19 per module.  This complete package has everything that shows you how to start hiring, recruiting and training new agents. Just follow each modules instructions, and scripts. We also provide a support system for you. 

Questions about any of the above modules or the complete system.
Click here

Just released:   Our newest agency building concept  

*note -some of this information in these modules is on our website. however we added a lot of specifics, details, scripts and consolidated everything in an orderly fashion to make it easier to absorb. 

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