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Cross-selling between brokers 
How often do you refer some leads to other brokers? I am new to life Insurance & annuities and recently I had someone ask me about health insurance. I …

Marriage license and newlyweds. 
Is there a certain way you should approach when door knocking?

There seems to be an issue with FMO’s unconditionally releasing agents when the agent wants to make a change. Some FMO’s control and hold back releasing …

Residuals with no license or contact? 
I was in the medicare insurance business very briefly - only a few months. I was contracted with Transamerica and sold one policy (to my brother). I …

MassMutual Blue chip service and premier support 
hello, Does anyone has details on MM Blue Chip services that are part of their concierge services? What do they include, what are the qualifications …

Need help studying for exam  
Hey you guy's I'm new to this forum. I'm studying for my life and health insurance exam and I'm struggling . You have to make a 70 or above and I keep …

CGF Insurance, Inc 
Hello I am employee of the insurance company and I have a number of of achievements, but now I don't have any passion to do, cause I feel so tired of …

E and O insurance 
Hello, Can someone suggest an E and O coverage company for Life, Health and Annuities that is economical per month/yea?

I am working with Max Life Insurance, how can I get Cessation certificate from Max Life Insurance, because I want join LIC?

How to calculate future required amount for retirement  
I would like to know how to calculate future required amount after 20years, current living cost.

Best task management system 
Hello, Life insurance administration skills; keeping on moving LI applications along, client appointments, lapses, yearly reviews, client request: policy …

Exploitation of agents  
I joined insurence industry thru maxlife in oct 17 . As a process i got to know exploitions. We are gathered we pay we write exam we give time effort …

I am so confused with insurance. If you have a CSR working in an agency and they are not affiliated/appointed by the agency, can they write new business …

Selling Life Insurance for Retirement and Estate Planning. 
There is lots of information about IUL (Indexed Universal Life Insurance) used to Supplement Retirement Income Tax-Free or Replace or substitute a 401K …

Anybody have any experience with the Guaranteed Issue Life policy from National Congress of employers, NCE? 
National Congress of Employers, Guaranteed issue Life policy. Anyone have any experience with this company? (NCE)

Application Letter 
I am a Insurance Agent in a General Insurance Company.I got NOC from the company where I was working.But now I am going to join in other Insurance Company.I …

HIV Antibody Test Requirement 
morchelle@yahoo.com I submitted & paid for a VUL application for a 51-yr-old male client. (P500T coverage and P500T CI) Client is in good health and …

Commission Payments 
I have been working for the same independent agent for over 20 years. I currently earn 40% commission on all business I write as well as on renewals. …

Ideas for New Insurance Agent 
I am a new insurance agent. I wish I could have some ideas on how should I start. Thanks.

Broker or Captive Companies. Which is best 
Dear All I'am an insurance agent, and I have a number of of achievements, but now I don't have any passion to do, cause I feel so tired of facing my …

Investment Linked Policy as education fund 
Is there a good concept to position an investment linked policy as an education fund? How can I overcome the objection on market volatility?

What's your take on the issues below? 
Hi Ted. I must appreciate you for your posts, it has indeed been insightful. Before now I rarely ask for lead but from you, I have seen that I' ve been …

Corporate Sales 
I am a personal lines P&C guy wanting to transition into more life sales. I am thinking about marketing Buy/Sell life insurance and Executive Bonus Plans …

Commercial P&C insurance agent commissions 
Please describe this example of a Commercial P&C agent compensation: Year 1 $35,000 plus 10% commission / new business Year 2 $25,000 plus …

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Hi Alex is my name pliz can u help me to create right questioner for my Prospects . 
Hi; I am a life agent in Uganda I appreciate the good work you are doing. Pliz help me to have right questions at inception to my Prospects for better …

Is there a list of newly lic agents ? 
I am only trying to recruit a very small number of agents to sell medicare supplements over the phone providing leads ,software and traning,so do some …

Fact finding and Closing Sales 
Hi My name is Elijah Murray,And I would like to know if you have Fact Finding Sheet with all of the up front questions on that sheet?If so could you send …

Handling objections 
I am entering into a talent acquisition position that will require not only reaching out to candidates that are new to the business but also passive candidates …

How to bounce back 
Hi Ted - Ron, My name is Tar. I have been in Insurance for few years. My bigger problem is I am deaf in my right ear and I am losing my hearing. …

Is that a good idea sending product information thru email?

Idea's for a daily action plan? 
My name is Cameron, I am new to the business and only 21 years old. I have built up a pretty big network in my community through coaching at the high school, …

Please guide me 
I want to be an insurance agent I am not much educated lives in pakistan

WebPrez Insurance and Annuity Sales Videos 
After reading several of your articles on Sales Communication, I wondered if you were familiar with the WebPrez Insurance and Annuity sales videos. They …

Beginning Income Potential 
I am of middle age and thinking of becoming a Life Insurance Sales Agent. I will be coming from a regular paying position to commissions only. How soon …

Entry Level New Agent Questions  
Hello Ted. I am thrilled to have found this site. I am a new subscriber and literally just started using it. I just passed my exam. I have been …

Annual Reviews 
Mr. Davies- Is there a course which would teach me (a Life Agent) how to conduct an annual review? Thanks. George Kirazian

Prospecting and Generating Leads. Concepts and Ideas. 
I am a independent life and health agent here in Illinois and I am having a hard time finding new prospects. I have went thru all my friends and family …

How to lead a team to sell Life insurance successfully 
1 How to lead a team to sell Life insurance successfully? 2 How handle objections? 3 Need smart rebuttals to objections like (a) Need to think? …

What Insurance Product best serves the 70+ Market? 
I am searching for the answer to "what are the products that best serve the senior market," those that range in age from 66 - 75 years young? I have …

Daily Activities HELP! 
I'm a captive agent and just went out on my own last month. I need help from others in determining how to structure my day. I understand I'll have to …

When I landed on Ted's insurance website by accident, I couldn't believe what I had found. 
The Best One Stop Shop for information & training My name is Mike McCoy, and I work in the marketing department for one of the largest Independent Marketing …

Cold Calling and Phone Calling New Prospects 
I have searched marriage licenses, and I can't get any appointments. Here is my script I wrote: "Hello, I am Eric ** Insurance company. We focus …

Joint Venture Marketing  
Anyone have ideas about joint venture work with CPA's, Attorneys, P&C Agencies. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Remarket Personal lines Commission 
Will most brokers not pay a commission on business you currently have but have had to market to another carrier for a lower premium, just to keep the client? …

It hs been a year and I am facing a lot of rejections and still have problems with referrals.  
Dear Mr. Ted Wolk, First of all I would like to appreciate your effort in displaying the information for people who are looking to make it big in …

Insurance Agents for P & C 
What is the percentage of independent agents vs captive agents in P & C insurance market?

How has Site Build It helped your business? 
Hi How has Site Build It helped your business? I see a lot of people say that this website is a scam? Please let me know how it has worked for you?

My personal website. I am looking for help ideas to make my personal website more effective.  
I have had websites for a month now to solicit leads. No leads or inquiries through it to date. I advertised on Facebook for a week. No clicks or looks. …

Is Suze Orman, The Insurance Goddess, Always Right about Life insurance?  
May 29th, 2010 at 9:41 pm Is Suze Orman Right about Life insurance? A personal observation from Ted Wolk. This is a copy of an e-mail I just sent …

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Getting Referrals 
I was wondering how I can get some of these referral cards so I could use your referral system that you describe. Eddie

Thank you very much for so much valuable knowledge for no cost.  
I am a new independent agent I started 03/02/2010 and I just wanted to say this is a VERY helpful and informative site. Thank you very much for so much …

Short term medical sales  
I'm looking into selling short term medical. The only company I have found that offers it is Healthcare Solutions. Any advise on them or other companies …

I want to emphasize once more that agents who send in a question or ask for help using this free insurance forum must include their e-mail in the box asking …

Statistics of insurance SEO  Not rated yet
Good day Have you found any links to articles that have been written on insurance companies using search engine optimization(SEO) and the internet to …

Great Article. Makes sense when setting appointments. Not rated yet
I liked this article. (Listening to your Insurance Prospect upfront) It helped me clear up some of the wrong concepts I had in my mind when calling and …

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