Selling Life Insurance for Retirement and Estate Planning.

by John
(Salt Lake City Utah USA)

There is lots of information about IUL (Indexed Universal Life Insurance)
used to Supplement Retirement Income Tax-Free or Replace or substitute a
401K qualified Plan. Is there a specific way to address a Retirement Campaign using Insurance? In my mind, insurance is used to manage financial risk. I want to know if anyone sees a conflict as an insurance agent selling financial services as in retirement and estate planning using life insurance as a solution? Currently, I am using IQ Insurance as my business name and wondering if I should change it to Retirement & Estate Planning Services. I am not an "Advisor" or an Attorney wherein lies the conflict.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

John Holloway - Agent

IQ Insurance, LLC

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Insurance for estate planning and retirement
by: Ted

Hi John;

As a previous life insurance agent/financial planner, that is pretty much what I done after being in the business for 5 plus years. There are tons of ideas out there to use. Just need to learn them.

The estate tax liability is not a big deal anymore, unless you get int the super big estates. However most large estates are cash poor and when someone dies, and the estate assets need to be divided, it ends up having the estate assets being sold at a big discount to get cash to all the heirs or being sold in a down market or the wrong time. We buy time with Cash.

I hooked up with a CPA and an Attorney. I studied and studied to learn the many aspects of how life insurance products could benefit people in both those areas.

I used that information I learned and presented ideas to them, with the disclaimer that I am not a cpa or an attorney. Most of the work we do in this area is really related to tax's and I very rarely used an attorney except to prepare trusts or wills.

Learn to present an idea to people with the solution being a UL or annuity product.

I sold lots of single premium whole life plans to people that had CD in the banks. Learn about single premium whole life products.

Your company should have plenty of material to help you on marketing these ideas. if not, your with the wrong company.

Have you read my most recent article about "are you selling money or selling life insurance" Here is that link >>

Every situation is different, so this is just an opinion along with some ideas that may help point you in the right direction.

Find a reason and a need to sell you product.

Good luck and good selling.

Let me know how I can help.

Ted Wolk

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