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Agent building and recruiting is a process. It requires a dedicated system that must be followed in an orderly process. Unfortunately, most agency builders and recruiters do not have a proven system to follow which results operating in an a hoc manner. This results in hiring the wrong people, which creates frustration and wasted valuable time. 

I built a 150 person agency in 7 years, and am now making that complete system available to all insurance agents wishing to build an agency, as well as new and existing agency builders. This complete proven and tested system can help you eliminate the frustrations and all the mistakes I made in the early years. Start with one module at a time or purchase the entire system. Each module is a detailed blueprint that shows you what to do, what to say and how to do it and provides scripts and check lists. 

Module #1 provides you with a very simple method to give you an unlimited supply of recruiting names, which was my secret recruiting tool and not taught in any agency building schools. 

As my mentor told me, Ted. until you decide to make an investment in yourself, you are not really committed. 

New - Now you can purchase each recruiting module separately.
Designed to fit your pocketbook and your situation.

Separate modules now allow you to pick the ones you want.

  • Start with the first one, module #1. If you Like what you see,   
  • then move forward step by step to the next module, one at at time, till you have the complete agency building system,
  • or if you are an existing manager, pick the modules that will most help you.
  • Or purchase the entire system to save money by using this order form.

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