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If you are investigating the life insurance career opportunity,
the following topics may benefit you.

Entry level insurance agents. What you need to know.  Q & A

The Best Insurance Jobs

I Am Thinking About Becoming An Insurance Agent

How is an Insurance Agent Paid ?

The Captive Life Insurance Agent Contract

The Independent Life Insurance Agent Broker Concept

What To Expect In Your Early Years As An Agent?

Software selling programs can make insurance selling easier

See our software selling for dummies help page

Go to the software library to see the different selling programs

Ever thought about building your own personal website?

Information on the many ways a personal website can help you.

If you are already a Life Insurance Agent, then the topics
below will be of interest to you:

Our life Insurance library offers advanced help.

Our free Insurance forum  is where you can ask for help  

Getting Organized to be Successful.

Organizational tips & Ideas used by successful insurance agent

Generating insurance leads and prospecting tips

Prospect or Die e-book  Get your copy today.

Generating Life Insurance leads (main topic page)

The Referral Card System

Prospecting Tips to Generate Life insurance leads

Digging for Prospect Names

The Prospecting Ladder

Generating Life insurance leads, Your life support system

Referred leads Result in $$$$$$$

Client Appreciation Dinner

Insurance Selling Tips and Techniques

Selling Techniques, Communicating, Power Phrases & More

5 Ideas To Help You

Power Phrases

Concept Selling and Word Pictures

Psychology Of Communicating

Learn To Listen

Dealing with the Fear Factor

Insurance Selling Tips, Case Studies

How to run a successful interview

Why Are Life Insurance Sales Lost? Because........

Probing The Prospects Mind Using Key Questions

The Closing Pyramid Concept. How to Find a Prospects Hot Button?

Closing Techniques to Help You Close the Sale

Putting It All Together:

Phone Calling Cold Prospects

Putting Together Your Daily Action Plan For Success

The Sales Process

The Four Steps Required to Run a Successful Interview

Policy Delivery, The Second Sale

Maximize the Sale at Point of Delivery, get referrals

Client Service, It helps make future sales

Some Unique Sales Concepts to Fill Specific Needs

Guardian Trust Fund. This concept can make it easier for your client to establish a Guardian for their children.

The Baby Sitter Policy, Cash To pay for Daycare If Mom Dies

Replacing The Social Security Retirement Check on First to Die

Recruiting and Agency Building Idea's and Concepts.

Recruiting Techniques and Proven Agency Building Idea's and Concepts.

Agency Building Modules and Workbooks Get your manual or module today.

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