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Understanding the fear factor

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Understanding the fear factor. It can determine a life insurance agent’s success or failure.

If you want to make money selling insurance, you need to overcome the biggest single factor that stops people from becoming successful in life and moving on to bigger and better opportunities. It is the fear of failure. I call it the FEAR FACTOR. 

                Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “I do not want to quit my job, even though I hate working here.” (Fear Factor)
  • “I wonder what my family will think of me if I changed careers.” ( Fear Factor )
  • “I do not think I can become an insurance agent because I would not be comfortable working on a insurance agents salary which is a commission type of income.” (Fear Factor)
  • “I am afraid to ask my friends for an appointment to show them the type of work I do, selling life insurance. “ ( Fear Factor )
  • “I am afraid of being rejected when making phone calls.” (Fear Factor )

If you want to make money selling insurance

you must learn to control the fear factor, as it is by far the biggest stumbling block, stopping agents from becoming really successful.

I once read that people who have come up with fantastic ideas were only stopped by the fear of success.

Explain that to me!

Let’s say you decided to start a widget company. However as you sat there and thought about it, you could see that this concept or product could really get big. You then start thinking “How do I deal with bankers, shippers, marketing, and the time that will be needed to do all these things.” Where do I really start? Wow. That is too much for me handle. (FEAR FACTOR SETS IN) End of that success story.

I have seen this fear factor surface when my agents sat down to make cold calls on the phone. They became reluctant. Why? Because they did not want to get a big fat no, and be rejected.

What new agents need to be clear on, is the fact that people are not rejecting you when they do not give you an interview. They are rejecting the situation.

Think about it. People call us all the time and we look for reasons to say no, I am not interested.

That is why you need to be very confident on the phone and in your interviews if you want to make money selling insurance.

The key to success and controlling your fear factor Is Knowledge power and Behavior management.

Knowledge breeds success and confidence.

For those of you that want to make more money selling insurance that are in the insurance business or thinking about a life insurance career, check out our insurance agent survival store. We have several articles that may help you create that extra amount of confidence that will help you make money selling insurance, and get over the fear factor Hump and become successful.

Another key factor in controlling ones fears, is behavior management. Doing the things successful people do, requires control of your behavior patterns. Many times we end up taking the path of least resistance.

Forming good positive habits removes a lot of the problems we have in selling insurance, or in life.

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