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 Some Insight As To The Pro's and Con's of  Becoming an Insurance Agent and Selling Insurance 

Want to become an insurance agent! 
If you become an insurance agent, you are starting a career. it is not a job. in doing so, you will become your own boss.Want to become an insurance agent! It is a career and not a job.

Want to become an insurance agent! 

If you become an insurance agent, you are starting a career. it is not a job. in doing so, you will become your own boss.

Are you ready to handle that type of a change?

  • An insurance agents career has many differences, verses working for a hourly wage or a salary.
  • The first big difference is that no one is going to tell you when to get up and go to work.
  • The second big difference is how life insurance agents are compensated. They are paid a commission on sales they make.

So let’s see how this commission and renewal concept differs from
working for a hourly wage or a salary.

Let’s say, for whatever reason you decided to take 3 months off from your current job. Will your paycheck keep coming in? Of course not.

Becoming an insurance agent and selling life insurance for a few years would have generated an income stream that would allow your monthly commission check to keep on coming in, month after month based on the block of business you have written. Of course it would diminish as time goes on if you do not write any new business.

This is just one of the many exciting benefits and features available if you become an insurance agent.

Footnote: I retired about 10 years ago and still have a small renewal check coming in every month. (10 years ago) How long will your current paycheck continue if you quit or retire?

Becoming your own boss

Becoming an insurance agent gives you a chance to be your own boss, a chance to build your own independence, and a chance to control your financial destiny. But you need to understand what selling life insurance requires in the first year or so.

Along with the above benefits, is another fantastic fringe benefit, and that is traveling the world. Of course this will depend on your company’s contests.

However most companies are always providing incentive trips and contests. I have been fortunate to go to Italy, Spain, Switzerland, England, Caribbean cruises and so on, all paid for. These are trips that I would have never taken otherwise.

These are just a few examples of the many fantastic benefits of becoming an insurance and what a life insurance agents career offers.

However on the other side of the coin, becoming an insurance agent is not for everybody.

What is the worst thing that can happen to you if you do become an insurance agent, and it doesn’t work out?

"You can always go back to doing what you were doing, with the benefit of being able to include (insurance sales training on your resume)."

However if you are what I refer to as a "100 mile per hour person, trapped in a 25 mile an hour environment," then becoming an insurance agent would be a good career change for you.

And when I say life insurance career, it is just that, it is no longer a job. You will become your own boss. You will be building your own business, and the sky is the limit.

The fantastic thing about becoming an insurance agent and building your own business in the life insurance industry, is the minimum capital investment you have to put forth, compared to opening a store or a service business. You only need to invest your sweat equity, and hardly any cash to create a business that can take care of you and your family for the rest of your life.

Becoming an insurance agent requires strong discipline to stay the course. You will have to build your own business plan starting with a Daily Action Plan to guide you through each and every day. Along with this will be an ongoing insurance sales training program.

There is an old saying in the insurance business and that is "you will be grossly underpaid for the time you have to put in during the first two or three years, but if you make it you will be grossly overpaid the rest of your life."

This website can be your own private insurance agent mentor
to help you with you career growth. 

What can be expected of me in the Early Years ?

What do I have to do to become a successful life insurance agent ? 

Is becoming an insurance agent right for me ?

What is a Captive Life Insurance Agent ?

What is an Independent insurance agent or broker ?

Selling techniques and Lead Generation Idea's ?

Should I Consider Having my Own Personal Website?


This web site is dedicated to helping new life insurance agents like you, as well as existing agents, by providing a number of help topics such as: 

  • Life insurance prospecting.
  • Insurance selling techniques and the sales process.
  • How to build a daily action plans.
  • Generating referred leads.
  • How to make a great sales presentation work for you.
  •  proven methods to close your sales. 

Plus much more.

(Note: links to these above subjects are located on left side of this page.)

We also have  a forums page so that agents can share their ideas with other agents.

You can go to our site map or use the nav bars on the left side of this page to help you find your topic of interest.

We plan to constantly add new ideas and insurance selling tips and if you plan to become an insurance agent and would like to have us e-mail you new updates as they are published, please subscribe to our site on the top right side of this page before you leave our site....

Building your own business. 

Remember, if you do venture out on this new career, and become an insurance agent, you are really building your own business.

Just like any other business man, you will hang your business shingle out, and it is going to take time to build a clientele, time for people to know who you are and what you do.

There are basically two ways to become an insurance agent when entering the life insurance business, (The Broker Concept or Captive Agent Concept) and there are significant differences in each style. You can click on the appropriate link to view these differences. 

If you are currently a broker then this web site may be especially beneficial to you.

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