Websites For Insurance Agents!

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How your own personal website can increase target marketing campaigns, life insurance leads and recruiting.

Websites for insurance agents!

Today's technology can turn your one person insurance sales business into a entire one person marketing team. You can become a client information business that will create more exposure and sales opportunities for yourself. This simple and inexpensive concept should not be over looked in today’s competitive world.

Having your own personal insurance website can help with promoting yourself and your products and your brand.

In today’s insurance market, one must stay one step ahead of the competition. Having your own website can at least keep you at par with the competition?

I have provided two links at the end of this article, along with a short description of how each one can be used to help you build your own personal website. But first lets review some website building information.

Ever hear of Synergy

Definition of synergy: = (When two people work together they accomplish the work of three people. The working together of two or more people, organizations, or things, especially when the result is greater than the sum of their individual effects or capabilities.) = You and your website.

This is what you and your personal website could accomplish.

Insurance agents or insurance recruiter, there are so many reasons for you to consider having your own website that I could go on and on. Below are just a couple of reasons that first come to my mind. You add your own list of things you could do with your own website.

As an agent, use your knowledge to communicate with your clients.

As a personal producer:

Send them monthly updates on what you are doing.

Ask for referrals. (provide a contest, free gift certificate for referrals)

Send them financial planning tips.

Build a resource page to advertise items and earn an additional income stream.

Recruit your friends to get into the act of helping you sell and build.

If you’re an insurance recruiter:

Build a monthly board of directors and promote a contest for recruiting agents.

Keep them informed of any new recruits and your progress.

E-mail specific groups in your local area using specific target marketing.

Provide a monthly news campaign for prospective agents, using websites like this one or your own articles..

What could have been?

If I would have had the know how, and the technology to build a website for my agency and my agents back when I was selling and building, I can not imagine the additional amount of business I could have generated, and the money I could have saved in mailings and secretarial costs.

Imagine having a team of dedicated players: Your client base, your friends, etc, helping your insurance business grow, by using a personal website and networking with them. (Synergy concept at work)

What better way to communicate and keep in touch with your client base or prospective new clients by providing them with up to date information, all the while keeping you picture and your business personality in front of your clients.

Also Today is the advent of social media marketing, such as Facebook, YouTube and Linked-in.

Learn More about Social Media. Sell your services. The Websites for insurance agents that are being built today includes one of the greatest innovations ever. It is called the RSS feed, short for really-simple-syndication.

By entering your customers name in the E-Zine mailbox they would automatically be subscribed to your newsletter and would automatically receive any updates and mailings you send out.

The E-zine Concept. is where you can target a specific group of people and then e-mail them specific target marketing information, such as business owners, estate planning clients, new mortgage people, etc.

Every insurance agent should be tying in their prospect or clients,

Somewhere in your interview or visitation, once you have your website set up, you should say something to the effect of:

Mr. Prospect. I have a personal website where I provide ongoing and updated ideas on financial planning. It is a place where you can ask ask questions, as well as communicate with me. I do not make this available to everybody. I would like to sign you up. You then can see if it benefits you. If not, you can opt out at anytime you desire, with the click of a button.

And in doing so, every time you send out a new article or information piece, it will automatically pop open on their personal e-mail site. What a fantastic way to communicate, and save a ton of money on postage stamps and sending out individual letters. It is a great recruiting tool also.

If you want to see how this works, try the RSS feed for our website. Click it on to see how it works. You can unsubscribe at any time. It’s a no hassle deal.

Building Your Own Website

Free Website from Wix

Start with a free website. Learn by experience, then use that experience to build your own personal website that reflects your personality. the company that lets you do this is called Wix. They are a really good website building company. It is also a sophisticated hosting company to build a large website or a localized website  with something simple to provide your personal marketing picture, along with 4 or 5 pages, then they are very easy to use. I have helped build another website with them.

The best thing about wix is they have real people you can actually call and talk to if you have a problem and have short 0ne minute videos to help guide you.

Here is the wix link to start a  free website

Website Building Using Sitesell

I never believed that I could build a website. Seemed to complicated and time consuming for me. Where would I even start?

To my surprise, I found this company called site sell. In fact the site you are now viewing was built by me with the Site Sell system.

The great thing is that they provide you with a complete step by step video training program that works you through a step by spet process to build your own website.

If you are serious about building a website, take the time to review these step by step videos that explains how easy it is to build a website with Site Sell. This short video course will answer all your questions as to costs, what kind of help and support they provide. No matter if you use them or not, it is the information all new web builders will need to know.

Site build it provides a start up program that can be purchased on a monthly basis and if for some reason you don't like it, they provide a no hassle 90 day money back guarantee.

Then click this link to get more information about Site Sell

Website building tip: The key to any good website and getting site exposure is having your hosting company be able to crawl your site on google,yahoo, bing, etc.

Site sell and Wix do this and don't charge a additional fee to do it. Without your site being crawled by the big boys, all you have is a page that no one will get to see.

Once you have your site up and running, then build the pages you want, one at a time with the info you want sent out to your prospects, clients or customers, and make it available by using the RSS feeds, blogger page, and more. Create a monthly newsletter, send out tips for consumer buying, hook up with some retailers and send your prospects a discount coupon, do surveys.

Why do that? To keep your name in front of them every 2 weeks or at least once a month.

Additionally, as shown below, you can click on the face book link at the bottom of this page and bingo, this article shows up on you facebook site. See our Facebook page. More social networking with a click of a button.

In today’s insurance market, one must stay one step ahead of the competition. Having your own website can at least keep you at par with the competition?

Marketing and selling anything in today’s economy requires staying in touch with the times. Our society today, evolves around all this new technology. Join in with the other insurance webmasters.

Hopefully this websites for insurance agents article provided you some insight and help as you consider developing your insurance marketing plan and your career.

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