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Building your own board of directors can help you with prospecting and agency building.

Marketing insurance and recruiting can be enhanced by building your own private team of professional business people to help you recruit and prospect. This is a unique and powerful method that can help you achieve and reach your goals.

It can help you in agency building, recruiting, generating quality insurance leads, prospecting, target marketing and referrals. Marketing and selling insurance uses a number of different concepts, and this is just one of many.

Marketing life insurance and generating leads. Building your own board of directors can help you with prospecting and agency building.Building your own board of directors can help you with prospecting and agency building.

Tell me more!- This marketing insurance tip is a unique insurance prospecting and recruiting concept. It is targeted to "building your own  private board of directors."

Additionally, this marketing insurance insurance concept should be used with any type of social media marketing system you have in place. Let me  me explain.

So what do we mean by a board of directors?

to help you in marketing insurance, your private board of directors would be a specific group of people chosen by you, to become part of your development team to market insurance. They would be centers of influence, hand picked by you to help you grow your business. They should be people of stature and credibility. You could continue to add as many people to this list as possible. Other successful sales people would be good candidates and appreciate your situation.

This insurance prospecting and recruiting process does take time to set up. However the future results that come from doing this is well worth the time. Building your career, your business and your reputation is  something that is done over a period of time. You can tie this concept in with your social media marketing system, if you have one established. Marketing insurance requires considerable thought.

Here is how you can set up your board of directors.

First off I would make up a list of people that you know, that comes in contact with the type of people you are selling to. (Your target market)

Then I would work on developing one person a week. At the end of 24 weeks you could have as many as 24 people on your board of directors, or you could stop at 12 15 or even 20. You decide.

Once your board of directors prospect list is prepared, then you start your phone calling.

Phone call your prospective center of influence, aka board of director person, and ask to stop by his/her office or possibly consider taking them to lunch.

Here is how I would contact them:

I would phone calling them using something like:

  • "Mr center of influence , The reason for my call is I need your help on something, that can help me with my insurance business. I am not going to try and sell you anything." (emphasize this)
  1. Can we meet for lunch sometime this week.
  2. I would like to stop by your office for about 20 minutes. Is Tuesday or Thursday better for you.

Great, would morning or afternoon be better? (always a choice question, never a closed end yes or no question)

Then at your interview, you would set the stage as follows:

Thanks for seeing me. Mr "center of influence" as you know my business centers around selling insurance, estate planning or building an insurance agency. I plan on going after the following record this year. (Million dollar round table, Number one agency in the region, what ever your goal may be. etc) However for me to accomplish this goal in the next year or two, will require help.

So I decided the only way I could accomplish this is to create my own private board of directors to help me in my quest,  and I would like you to consider being on my board.

I am looking at people of stature and high integrity to help me accomplish this goal. I consider you as a person of this caliber.

Here is what I would like you to help me with if you accept. Once a month, I will contact you and ask you to refer me to one or two people who may need my service. (Then give them a powerful 5-7 minute overview of what you do, and also leave behind a one page summary with your card attached to it to give to him/her)

Additionally, I will provide you with a monthly update as to my progress and I will always keep you informed of the status of any people you personally recommend to me. (Which is very important)

  Todays culture vs yesterday culture.

Marketing insurance in the days before Facebook, E-mail, Twitter, etc, I use to have my secretary send out an update letter at the end of each month, or a referral information update to each and everyone of my board members. This was a cumbersome and costly way of marketing insurance compared to the social media tools we have today.

With today's social media marketing systems, this insurance prospecting and recruiting concept would have been so much easier to develop and keep my center of influences updated (aka board of directors). Additionally it would have saved me a fortune in secretarial, bookkeeping, postage and many other costs.

In today's world I would create a special Facebook page or a special page on my website, using the E-Zine system or do a weekly E-mail update to  all my board members. You could even use YouTube.

If you don't already have a Web Starts website you might be able to make a free website 

Special notation: Try to never mention any referral's names, when mailing to the group. You need to respect any referred leads provided to you. Only provide results when sending out your Board of directors update. (Joe Smith, President of acme widgets provided our team with a referral that generated  $4000 premium towards our team goal this last month.)

This insurance prospecting and recruiting concept will also act as a catalyst to help you accomplish your goalsWhy?  Because one of the biggest reason most people do not accomplish their goals is because they never have the guts to tell anyone else what their goals are. Their goals are kept to themselves, and if they don't attain them, who is going to know if they were missed?

But by using this concept, you are now answering to your board of directors every month. You have told someone else that you made a commitment too, someone other than yourself. You now have a group of successful people trying to help you grow, and you do not want to let them down.

This is an exciting marketing insurance, prospecting and recruiting concept. Of course it is not for everyone. This concept is usually reserved for those people that are really committed to becoming really successful, because now you  have to be accountable to a board of directors. (people that you asked to help you achieve a goal)

Good luck and good selling - life is good.

Ted Wolk.

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