Life Insurance Selling Tip
Use of closed end and open end
questions to close a sale

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How using closed end and open end questions can be a valuable tool to help you set appointments and close sales.

This life insurance selling tip will help you secure more appointments and can improve your closing ratio.

closing an insurance

When it comes to closing a sale or setting an appointment it is critical that you learn to frame your questions by using the open end question format vs a closed end format. Closed end questions can only result in a yes or a no. Open ended questions provide a choice, and usually ends up with decision. As an example, Do you want this in blue or white.

Here is an example of a closed end format question.

Asking for an appointment:
  • Mr. prospect I would like to visit with you about a new product our company has developed. Can I see you Tuesday evening at 6:30?

  • Mr. Prospect, I am free Thursday morning at 10 am. can we get together then?

Closing the sale:

  • Mr. prospect we talked about starting this mortgage insurance policy. Do you want to start this plan tonight?

In these above  examples, you gave them only one choice and if they say no, where do you go from there? Now you start fumbling. You closed the door. You only get one chance to set the appointment or close the sale properly.  

Now lets look at what happens using the open end format.

Asking for an appointment:

Mr. prospect are daytime or evening appointments better for you? Give a choice. S/he says daytime.

Great is Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon better for you. Give a choice.

Prospect may come back and say, neither of those days, however Wed morning at 8 am will work best. Providing a choice allows the prospect flexibility also.


Closing the sale:

Mr prospect we talked about starting this mortgage insurance policy. Do you want the one that only pays off the mortgage in event of your death or would you like the one that can create cash value and pay off your mortgage earlier, as well as maintain itself if you are out of work. Which one would you like to start. (always a choice)

In these examples, the answer usually will be a yes to one of the choices. If not and an objection comes out then you need to close on the objection

No matter what you are selling, always give your prospect a choice and that includes setting up interviews or appointments. You are selling the prospect on giving you a time to visit with them.

I hope that this life insurance selling tip will benefit you in the future.

Have a great day - life is good

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Life insurance selling tip
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