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What are the biggest mistakes made by inexperienced agency builders and recruiters when recruiting new insurance agents?

If you are starting an insurance agency?

Then you should try and avoid the biggest mistakes made by most insurance recruiters when recruiting insurance agents.

Building and starting your own insurance agency is not an easy task. Many of the systems an insurance recruiter needs to learn when hiring and recruiting new insurance agents are discussed in the many articles we provide on our website. Leading from the front and learning to recruit the proper type of agents is paramount.

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One of the toughest things a new agency builder or insurance recruiter must learn when starting an insurance agency is how to recruit insurance agents. Finding the right people to train and manage can only be learned from trial an error which we call experience, or learn from someone who has already had the experience.

What happens with most rookie insurance recruiters is that they start hiring the wrong people. Then these people end up taking up so much of you time that you get frustrated and then you give up because you find out it is not worth your time.

This is why I created our agency building manual.

The most important aspect of this agency building manual is that it provides a concise blueprint and lays out a complete system for the rookie agency managers or insurance recruiters staring an insurance agency and are having problems recruiting and training the right people. 

In any successful program, No matter what you, you need to develop a system. You then manage the system and not the people.

Why manage a system?

Because if you manage people, you start dealing with emotions and excuses. 

  • I had to take my kids to school.
  • My dog was sick
  • I did not spend 2 hours phone calling

Another important recruiting tip is learning to recruit people with a market. This is explained in great detail in our manual.

Good people will come to you and join your team if you can show them a clear blueprint of what you will do for them and how you will do it. Again, this is explained in our manual, along with a generic new agent manual that you need to give to a new agent at hiring.  We provide a complete new agent training program, that is co-ordinated with many of the articles located on our site.

I know you are saying, boy why don't he give me more details. I know he is just trying to sell me his manual.

That is not the case. My manual consists of over 80 pages and eight separate modules, so it is impossible to provide one piece of information or give any details and not have them properly presented. It also includes all the recruiting talks, new agent training program and so on.

There is plenty of free help on our website and our videos to help you with insurance agents recruitment tips. However if and when you really get serious about recruiting and starting an insurance agency, you better have a great agency manager or mentor to help you.

If you don't have either, then you may want to consider making an investment in your career and your future and review how you can buy our complete system or check out our recruiting starter e-book.

Wishing you all the best. If you have not subscribed to our site you can do so by using the links in the top right of our page.

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Starting an insurance agency
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