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Quality client service includes  annual reviews & social networking 

Client service can make a difference. You can either be ONE of their life insurance agents or THEIR life insurance agent. Which one are you? There is a big difference. 

Learn how to take control of your clients.

lient service is your key to a long term career in the insurance sales business.

As an insurance agent, you realize there are many different facets to selling life insurance and building your insurance career.

One of the most important facets is providing good client service. Good client service is what make people stay with you and refer you to other potential prospects. Good client service is more than sending them a birthday card, a calender or calling them to say hello.

I know that if someone treats me right and makes me feel special, I go out of my way to tell people about that person or business.

It also is the special ingredient that makes the very special financial services consultants do above average production.

Good life insurance agents should figure out how they can make their clients feel special: by providing them advice, assistance and direction, which will separate you from the rest of the crowd.

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Client services that you should provide as an life insurance agent consists of the following:

  • Annual reviews (Plant the seeds for future sales)
  • Policy delivery (Locking in the life insurance sale)
  • 150 good clients can take care of you for life
  • Information seminars: (Teach your clients about products and concepts, provide them knowledge to buy)
  • Business life insurance seminars (Short seminars about business insurance)
  • Appreciation dinners (Relationship building and referred leads)
  • Newsletters (Develop a newsletter that will give your clients more knowledge and reasons to buy)
  • Having your own website (Learn how and why)
  • Helping them with decisions (If you really are their insurance agent, you need to work for them, so start figuring out what free services you can provide to help them. Today's digital and social media, such as your own website, YouTube, Facebook, etc are all ways to keep in touch and build a good relationship.)
  • Retention and referral program. Set it up on automatic pilot.

You can either be ONE of their insurance agents or THEIR insurance agent.

There is a big difference, and if you want repeat business, then you better understand this.

I remember the one thing my first p&c agent told me many years ago. He said “Ted, if you have any problems or need any help, just call me and I will take care of all the details.”

Over the years, I somewhat used a similar concept with my clients. As a new life insurance agent, I could not afford to pay for an appreciation dinner or pay for news letters, etc. so I sat down and put together a list of free services I could offer my clients to help me become special and separate me from other agents.

One of these services I provided, (and my clients really appreciated this,) was telling them at policy delivery or at the annual review that if they ever have a problem with any of their insurance policies, including ones that they may have bought from someone else, please call me and I will work on helping take care of any problems they may have, such as beneficiary changes, etc.

I also told them that if another insurance agent calls them and wants to show them some type of another policy to buy, I will be more than glad to help them with that.

Additionally I would say,” I know we are usually very busy with our lives, and if another agent calls you and wants show you or try and sell you something, You are welcome to do what many of my other clients do and you can tell them that Ted Wolk is your life insurance agent and that they should call me and run their idea by me. If it is a good idea and something we do not carry I will do the homework for you and tell you if it is a good idea or not, and then you can make that decision. I also said that this was a easy way to get rid of those pesky insurance agents that call you. “ (we would then both laugh at that) (It works, I use to have other agents call me all the time)

Something you could do as a free service today

  • Provide your clients with the website address of a place that they can get their credit reports free from the 3 reporting service,
  • Go to a local attorneys office and ask for some free pamphlets on trusts, wills, etc, that you can give to your prospects or clients.
  • They are available from the state bar association and that attorney would love you to do that.
  • I also made arrangements with that attorney to provide the first interview free of charge, when someone wanted a will made up. Take control of your life insurance career. No one else is going to.

Tell us what type of client service methods you use and get your own blog page at the same time. its free. 

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