150 Insurance Clients Can Take Care
Of You For Life. 

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How your first 150 clients can take care of you for the rest of your insurance career.

Something I learned and observed over the years and through my personal experience is this one basic principal that a new insurance agent should know when they start building their insurance career.

That basic principal is to get 150 clients on the books as fast as you can.

None of my managers every explained this to me, because I don’t think no one ever figured this out. I identified this concept and was able to understand it because of the amount of new business I started writing off of my client base, after being in the business for a couple of years. This fact became very obvious because of my detailed record keeping. learn how I trained my agents on this subject.

Armed with this information it was one of the things that I emphasized with all my new agents coming into the life insurance business. Get 150 clients as fast as you can and your insurance career will flourish.

However, for this concept to work it does require a new agent to create a strong personal relationship with those clients. We discuss many of these ideas in our relationship building article.

So how does this concept work?

First of all you need to have the mindset and attitude that you will make it work. then you must refine your relationship building program that you will use with your new clients.

Next we use the concept of developing what is called a nesting group. These nests.

Developing an insurance client base system consists of the client’s family members, friends, mutual workers, children, etc.  Each of your clients can have numerous groups of people in their nest.

As I mentioned in one of my previous articles on referred leads, I was able to make 47 sales off of “one of my clients” by getting referrals and more referrals from the 3 original referrals he gave me. He also became a strong center of influence.  You must develop a system to keep your name in front of your clients and touch base with them on a regular basis, Doing so will generate sales from each family nest via referrals.

Keep in mind the average family buys about 6 different types of insurance and financial programs over their life time. 150 times 6 = 900 sales, not counting the sales and referrals from each nest.

Unfortunately, here is what happens with most insurance agents.

They are lazy and in many cases most new agents who make an insurance sale just go out to and drop off the policy with very little discussion (or don’t even get the policy delivered) for fear the client will cancel on them. That is called stinking thinking. They completely ignore or are not aware of the potential of future sales that come from relationship building. 

I have seen this happen over and over again. In one case, we terminated an agent because he was having to many dropped policies (persistency problem) and when cleaning out his desk, we found why because every policy he sold was sitting in his desk drawer. Even though he indicated on his weekly report  he delivered the policy to the client. His excuse was “he was afraid they would drop the policy if he went back to deliver it” Well they dropped the policy anyhow because he never showed back up again after the sale. Stinking Thinking.

Start doing it the right way

When I made a sale, I would send my Thank you note out the next day. A week later I would call and let them know that I am watching for the policy to be issued and hopefully with no problems. They then ask me if there may a problem. This is Setting the stage with the client so that they know everyone may not get their life insurance policy issued standard.  It creates the “I want it now syndrome” with the client.  At delivery time. I sit down with them and go through the entire policy with them in a summary format explaining the non-forfeiture options, settlement options, etc.  Again asking for referrals when I get done.

The next day I then send another nice note, thanking them for being my client. I also note specific things about them or their kids in my file to reference next time we get together. 

I also planted a seed prior to leaving "saying that when we have our next annual review, we should talk about insurance on the kids, or retirement or mortgage insurance or disability insurance, etc." If you don’t plant the seed you can never harvest the crop. 

Again in my relationship building article I discuss a lot of these ideas.

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Bottom line, if your an agency manager, sell your new agents on this 150 client concept and if your an agent reading this, get your stuff together and create a mindset and develop a solid  work unit to get 150 clients as fast as you can, and they will take care of you the rest of your life, because you will grow with them and their families. Developing an Insurance client base system is a skill that should not be overlooked or taken lightly.

Hope this helps you. Keep in mind, that knowledge is power. now you have the knowledge, but only you can create the power to make it work.

Have a great day..

Ted Wolk

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