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Insurance Recruitment and Agency Building Concepts For Agency Builders and Managers

Agency Managers, Insurance Recruiters and Agency builders. 

Are you tired of doing the wrong things over and over again, and spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. Maybe its time to work with someone who done it right. I Built a 150 person agency in 7 years. We must have been doing something right. consider using my proven and tested past success's to help you increase your Insurance recruiting numbers and develop a successful agency. Keep reading.

Insurance recruiters and agency builders. Here is a proven and tested system, with a complete blueprint can help you develop a successful recruiting and agency building system.Having a proven and tested agency building system with a complete roadmap that includes scripts and procedures can minimize or eliminate failure.

I had the opportunity to build a 150 person life insurance agency in 7 years by using the ideas and concepts that i have now made available for you in our agency building manual. I have walked the talk. 

We have been around since 2008 and have been helping insurance personal producers, recruiters and agency managers with Insurance Recruiting Tips and Techniques. We have over 200 free pages of selling and recruiting ideas that new and existing agents have used. 

Since our inception we have had over 5.5 million hits on our website.

the agency building manual information shown below was created to help you avoid making the many mistakes i made in my first 4 years of recruiting and agency building. 

Ted Wolk, author and creator of

Our premier agency building manual Includes 10 modules and as a free bonus, we include both the below e-books to help you with your new agent training  program.

See an outline of  the Complete agency building manual and each of the individual modules, along with a short recruiting video. You may also buy each module separately. 

Or just Jump to the Order Form page for more details on how to order the complete system and learn how to take 6 months to pay, interest free.

There is nothing close to this concept on the internet that provides you with such detailed step by step procedures, including scripts, workbooks, systems, etc, to help you recruit and build a successful agency.

It is a complete agency building system and a step by step blueprint.  

And now you can now have access to all my recruiting techniques, scripts and agency building ideas that I used to build a 150 person agency in 7 years

Included are these Free Bonus Books To help you in Training  Agents to Close and Prospect.

the below two e-book come free with the premier agency building program. these e-books can be used to teach your new agents or existing agents a number of ways to close sales and generate leads. The reason most agents fail is that they do not have a proven system to prospect or understand how to close sales properly. Use them in your mini training schools. 

Mastering the Art of
Closing a Sale

Our mastering the art of closing a sale e-book is a top seller.

Learn how to use the no close - closing technique plus many more proven and tested closing techniques

Prospecting and
Getting Referrals

See our
Prospect or Die e-book.

Learn how a simple easy referred lead presentation will keep you in leads 
year round. We provide you with the complete presentation 

 If you are a producing agents you can buy either of the above e-books
or buy  both e-books at a discount

Need more information before you buy. Call me at 605-342-6767 or

my cell at 1-206-465-1166

Or feel free to e-mail me at -

Ted Wolk, author and creator of an insurance agents

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