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The complete insurance agency building system that includes training manuals, modules, scripts and workbooks.


If you are on this page, that tells me you are getting ready to build an insurance agency and are unsure how to start, or you are currently an insurance recruiter/agency manager that is frustrated with spinning your wheels and getting no where, and are really serious about needing some recruiting and agency building help, then you have come to the right place. 

Recruiters and agency builders. THIS QUICK START AGENCY BUILDING SYSTEM with all ten modules may be your answer.THIS QUICK START AGENCY BUILDING SYSTEM MAY BE YOUR ANSWER

This FAST TRACK - QUICK START AGENCY BUILDING SYSTEM with all ten modules may be your answer.

(Note: To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing else like this on the entire web to help insurance agents with recruiting and agency building.)

As a footnote, we have been on line and working with agents
since 2008 and have had over 5 million hits.

How to Purchase the Complete Insurance Recruiting and
Agency Building System and All 10 Modules

There are two agency building packages that we offer.

Either purchase allows you to immediately download all the modules and make your own hard copy so you can put them in a 3 ring binder, as well as keep the pdf copies on your personal computer for quick reference. 

1) The premier package:

  • Our Premier Agency Building Manual comes complete with the ten (10) separate easy to view modules in the PDF format. It is priced at $189.95. Each module is in a stand alone module for easy to use access. It also comes with the two bonus e-books shown below.
  • As a side note: If you previously purchased any of the individual modules or e-books, we will refund you for those purchased items if you purchase this premier program. just let us know. 

2) The standard package:

  • Our Standard stand alone Agency Building Manual comes with (9) modules and can be ordered at a low price of $149.95. This package does not include membership in the roundtable or the
    bonus e-books.

So if you are ready:

  • to start doing some serious recruiting and building your agency,
  • or if you are not getting the support you need,
  • or if you are having poor recruiting results

Click one of the below "Buy Now" buttons to order the specific package you want. 

Click to purchase the premier agency building package = $189.00 (all modules plus bonus books)

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Click to purchase the standard package  = $149.00 (all modules less roundtable module # 9) 

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Only Available to purchasers of the premier package. Learn how you can now get your own  one on one personal coach to help you with creating your own  agency building and recruiting program. Proven and tested idea that work.

What is the Insurance Recruiters Q & A Roundtable?

It is your support system to help you with the agency building manual and modules.

How to build a insurance agency using a proven and tested systemHow to build a insurance agency using a proven and tested system

It is an interactive ongoing discussion group made up of agency builders and insurance recruiters, just like you.

This insurance recruiters support system was created to help you harmonize with the agency building manual. You can use this roundtable to ask specific questions, talk about your specific situation and much more.

Membership in this special elite Insurance Recruiters Q & A Roundtable is by subscription only, and is only $19.95 per year.

you do get this service Free if you purchase the Insurance Recruiting and Agency Building Premier System.

Click here for more information on the roundtable and how you can order.

If you need any clarification or have a question feel free to contact me

We hope that you will return to visit us often and follow our updates.

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