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Selling a life insurance policy is easy, but getting the leads is the problem

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of generating leads, it is important that you read this article. No one ever explained this to me till later on in my career. It could be your game changer.  "Understanding how your first 150 insurance clients can take care of you for life "

How To Generate Insurance Leads and Develop Prospecting Habits


generating life insurance prospects and quality insurance leads is the subject that continues to haunt most struggling life insurance agents and is a task that can not be taken lightly. Remember, in the sales business, you learn to prospect or you die.

Each person will develop a different formula for creating sales leads. Some will be super successful and some will be mediocre, but many will fail. Unfortunately for most, the art of generating insurance leads is only done in a ad-hoc way, on a day to day basis, usually with no goals or target numbers and no system.

Generating leads is the art of you developing an inventory of names to sell your insurance products. No inventory, no one to sell to, then you your our of business and you will fail. That is why a system has to be put in place. Remember, you must learn to prospect or you die.

Note: At the bottom of this page are a number of links related to the various different prospecting methods (systems) an insurance agent could use.

Because of the many different insurance marketing concepts and different target marketing area's, insurance agents must constantly strive to look for new and better ideas to help them grow.

As an example, you will eventually want to learn how to generate prospects for the business life insurance market, the estate planning market, etc, as you grow and expand your insurance sales career.

Selling life insurance, or selling anything for that matter, requires a salesperson to sit down eyeball to eyeball with a warm body and tell them your story.

As I mention in several of our other topic pages, when you were hired by your insurance company, they hired you for one reason, and that is for you to locate people to sell their products , and if you do a good job, you will be handsomely compensated. If they could find leads, they would not need you.

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So what are some of the best ways to get in front of a warm body?

Generating life insurance leads and a good system is crucial to the sales process. As we start out in the insurance business we go through a progression of different ways to generate leads and prospects, which we call the prospecting ladder concept.

However, the problem is that most agents are looking for some type of secret formula or method whereby they can receive good quality insurance leads with out working too hard to get them.

Well, let me share something with you. If selling life insurance was easy, then everybody would be doing it. Selling a life insurance policy is the easy part, but finding the prospects to sell them too is the hard part.

It is ultimately up to you to develop strong work habits and create or develop a system whereby you create an ongoing supply of prospects to see. Most companies provide a number of different ideas to help you achieve that goal, but it is ultimately up to you to create the end result.

An agent can work harder or smarter. Most agents that do not succeed try to generate leads in an ad hoc manner, like shooting from the hip, as they say.

Referring back to the prospecting ladder, it seems that most agents never seem to know how to work there way up to the top of this prospecting ladder and they eventually fail in the business because they get stuck on the lower rungs.

Want to get to the top of the prospecting ladder?

The fact of the matter is, based on my experiences of recruiting and training hundreds and hundreds of agents, it was the ones that developed a good solid referred lead system, (getting to the top of the ladder) who were successful. And guess what, it does take hard work, discipline and intestinal fortitude to develop your success formula.

We have created several topic pages for you that are dedicated to prospecting and generating insurance leads.

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Building your own private board of directors.


Learning these above concepts can help you solve your prospecting problem, but they all require time and practice. Work on one at a time and eventually the cumulative effect will provide you all the names you can handle.

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