Life Insurance Leads For Agents

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Prospecting Tips to Help You Become Successful.

Life insurance leads for agents.

Creating a quality insurance lead program usually makes the difference between success and failure in an insurance agent’s career.

Learn how can create a system so you have a solid inventory of names to call every day? 

Prospecting for quality insurance prospects requires the development of several systems to continuously replace the lost inventory you use every day.

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What do we mean by lost inventory?

Lost inventory is the names of the people you called. You must replace them, otherwise if you have no names to call, you are basically out of business.

Just like if you own a shoe repair shop and you do not replace your leather soles inventory, you are out of business.

Developing good life insurance leads, whether you’re an insurance recruiter doing recruiting work, or an insurance agent selling life insurance requires having a good system, the right mind set, and hard work in the early years.

As I mention in some of our other topic pages, "If selling insurance was easy, everybody would be doing it."

We have created several topics to help you in this endeavor.

1) Generating life insurance leads, Your life support system

2)Life Insurance Prospecting , Rule Number one

3)The Prospecting Ladder, Stepping Up Your Propecting Skills

4) Referred leads, the secret weapon of super stars

I would suggest you start with topic number one.

prospecting is the biggest problem for all insurance agents and even more profound for the new agents that are still struggling and looking for their success formula.

Our website gets more inquiries asking for prospecting help than any other subject. The problem today is that the new agents end up trying to buy mailing lists, which in my opinion is a waste of money. I been there, done that and have also seen many new agents waste money on the sane thing. Eventually we all find out that buying a list of names and having a phone number to call is just a way to be busy.

However it is a big energy burner with little results. In our prospecting ladder topic page (see link above), we discuss the difference of what a prospect is, and just having a name to call is.

I hope this life insurance leads for agents page will help you understand that you must find people to call that have a reason to be called. Take the time to read all the above articles.

Have a great day…Ted

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