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Every article on this website is like a mini-training school. use the nav bars on either side of this page to locate your area of interest or subject you need help with.

Tips and Techniques on How to Sell Life Insurance
For New and Existing Insurance Agents

How to sell life insurance requires an understanding of the skills and concepts related to the marketing of insurance.

Listed below are quick jump links to many of our hottest topics. 

New Agents 

If you are just investigating the insurance business, click on I am investigating an insurance career and want information on the different types of Insurance Jobs.

If you are seeking information on agent financing and how commissions work or want information on the difference between a captive insurance agent or independent insurance broker contract click on Agent Financing for Captive Agents and Brokers

Already a Licensed Agent

Already a licensed Life insurance agent or a Independent Insurance Broker, learn more on -> The Sales Process, Phone calling, Running the interview and more. 

Or if your looking for information strictly related to prospecting and generating referred leads, click on this link -> Generating Leads and Prospecting Tips

Agency Managers and Recruiters

Building your own insurance agency. For those of you wanting help with recruiting insurance agents and building your own agency, read this article on insurance recruiters mistakes, and check out out insurance agent survival store for more ideas.

Prospect or Die E-Book -Just published  Developed for insurance agents in need of prospecting ideas, techniques and concepts. Get yours now 

More insurance selling ideas and tips to help you grow

We also have an Insurance Selling Techniques section that provides information on communication skills, power phrases, sales tips and much more.

Having your own personalized website can add to your earning power, Click here to learn more about how to build your own website

We have added a New resource section called The Life Insurance Help Library. This Library provides advanced marketing help and a 7 part series on: How to sell Life Insurance?

The key to success is to work smart, work hard, study, investigate new idea's, make phone calls, associate yourself with the winners and find a successful mentor.

Gain new ideas and insights by using our free insurance forum for selling or recruiting help. Its easy, just open up a discussion on the subject you need help with.

On the left side of this page you will see specific topic pages that are categorized and organized in a way to help:

  • a new agent just investigating the insurance opportunity,
  • existing insurance agents needing sales help,
  • a new agent build their own insurance agency.

I hope these articles on how to sell life insurance can benefit you in your career.

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