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Cross-selling between brokers

How often do you refer some leads to other brokers? I am new to life Insurance & annuities and recently I had someone ask me about health insurance. I

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Insurance selling techniques video

learn how the top producers think when they are selling insurance. This video addresses the biggest mistakes that new agents and many existing agents don't realize or really understand. Selling is not just about the product. Its about how people think and the using the right process to close a sale.

Promote Your Insurance Business.Your company,Top Producer or Yourself  free publicity page

Promote Your Agency, Your Team Your company, Your Top Producer or Yourself. Increase your insurance recruiting visibility. - Let others know about you.

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The Art of Closing a Sale.

Learning how to become a good closer of insurance products is a learning process that is the result of time and mistakes. We call that time and those mistakes experiece. One thing we learn over time is that all objections usually fall into only several catagories. (Want to Think about it, no money, no sense of urgency) Upfront communication with your prosepct is where you start closing. This is why I developed my own personal questionairre. I use to keep a detailed track of every objection that caused me to lose sales. So I compiled that information, summarized it and put it into my fact finding questionaairre that I used before I started my presentation. These questions eliminated many of the objections I use to have to deal with when I was ready to close. And in almost every fact finding session, I actually closed on the sale before I even made my presentatiom. Take a moment to read this article and see how I eliminated most objections and closed before I even started my presentation. It works almost everytime. Ted

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Cold Calling Prospects Using The Phone

Cold calling prospects | Tips and techniques to help set interviews using the phone | You only have about 10 seconds to get prospects attention

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Insurance Agent Recruitement

Recruiting Issues

Insurance agent recruitment and agency building made easy with our proven and tested techniques in our complete Agency Building & Recruiting Manual.

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Insurance selling techniques

Proven insurance selling techniques used to close sales and set appointments

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Closing insurance sales by using the closing pyramid concept

closng pyramid

Closing insurance sales by using the Closing Pyramid Concept. Learn its secret and you will make more insurance sales

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Marriage license and newlyweds.

Is there a certain way you should approach when door knocking?

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Insurance Recruiters | The biggest mistakes made by recruiters - 101

Insurance recruiters biggest mistakes are over selling and recruiting unqualified people. Learn how to successfully recruit and build an insurance agency.

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A Life Insurance Help Library for Producing life Insurance Agents

8 Sales Tips and marketing ideas

8 insurance marketing ideas and tips written by successful professionals to help new and existing insurance agents improve their career.

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Insurance Recruiters, Agency Builders, General Agents

Insurance Recruiters, Agency Builders, and General Agents. An introduction to agency building e-book. Proven and tested recruiting and agency building systems

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Need help studying for exam

Hey you guy's I'm new to this forum. I'm studying for my life and health insurance exam and I'm struggling . You have to make a 70 or above and I keep

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Short term medical sales

I'm looking into selling short term medical. The only company I have found that offers it is Healthcare Solutions. Any advise on them or other companies

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Getting Referrals

Referred lead card

Ideas and systems to help you get insurance referrals

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Fact finding and Closing Sales


Developing a successful fact finding presentation prior to your sales presentation and learning to listen will help you close more sales.

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Cold Calling and Phone Calling New Prospects

How to cold call new prospects on the phone or in person. To view answers click the "Click here to read or post comments" link below each topic.

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Overcoming Insurance Selling Objections

I just read your article on "Third Party Book To Overcome Insurance Selling Objections", and I couldn't agree with you more. When you have good (third Party) factual information simply explaining how your product is going to benefit your clients.

We have even written a short, simple to read book to help our partners who sell (or want to sell) IUL products. This book is full of factual information from many different valid sources. It has given our partners a great tool to use while they are sitting in front of their client.

Thanks for all you do.

Mike McCoy, Senior Marketing Consultant, Life & Annuity Masters. Simi, Ca

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Bob Davies

Bob Davies. Motivational speaker and good friend. A great loss to the industry. In Memory

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Selling Insurance Learn How to Close on the Objection

Selling Insurance and Closing the sale can be more profitable if you learn this powerful closing technique called – “Closing on the Objection” It is a way to take the clients objection and turn it into powerful closing technique. Master this skill and increase your income

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Life Insurance Selling Technique | Selling money or Insurance

Selling insurance or money

Life Insurance Selling Technique. Are you selling money or selling life insurance? Which one do you think would be easier to sell? Use this concept selling idea to change your personal mindset, as well as your prospects and your clients.

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I am so confused with insurance. If you have a CSR working in an agency and they are not affiliated/appointed by the agency, can they write new business

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Having a selling or recruiting problem?

Having a selling or recruiting problem that is troubling you? Maybe we can help you. Just post your question using this life insurance forum page and you will get a response back from Ted, and may also get responses from other readers. This free insurance forum page was created to help agents and recruiters solve selling and recruiting problems. You can also see what other insurance agents have posted. Knowledge is power.

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