Life Insurance Selling Technique 
 Selling Insurance or Selling Money 

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Use this Life Insurance Selling Technique
as a sales concept to show why your
Selling Money and not Selling Insurance

Life Insurance selling technique and selling tips. Are you Selling life insurance or are you selling Money? A concept selling idea.Life Insurance selling technique and selling tips. Are you Selling life insurance or are you selling Money? A concept selling idea.

This Life Insurance Selling Technique helped me make a lot of money.

Question: Are you selling money or selling life insurance?

What is it that we are really selling when we are selling life insurance? 

  • Is it peace of mind?
  • Is it protection?
  • Is it loss of income?
  • Is it business insurance?

The answer is YES to all the above. 


  • Do people like to buy life insurance.. No
  • Do people like to talk about life insurance..No

But who do you know that does not want to talk about money!

Over the years I learned that selling is the process of educating people, and to educate them we must keep their attention. I also learned that selling ideas and concepts are much easier to sell than insurance policies. 

So somewhere along the way I decided to start selling people money. It seems like that was always a good way to get their attention.

In every situation, i was selling discounted dollars. (More on discounted dollars below.)

  • Selling money is called concept selling. If you have read many of
    my articles on this website, you will always see my main theme popping up, which is to be successful you must learn how to sell concepts and ideas not insurance.
  • Selling concepts along with using word pictures is the ultimate selling skill. 

Over time, "when people asked me what do i do", my comeback to them was that i sell money. They always seemed perplexed by that statement. And then they would say something like " how does that work, that sounds like something i could use, etc." In most cases it created an opening to try and set an interview. 

But lets take a moment here and reflect on what I just said.

  • as an insurance sales person, i sell money, the same as you.
  • isn't that what we do. It just that you probably did not realize it till this moment.
  • Selling money to people is a concept selling skill.

Lets clarify what discounted dollars are?

A discounted item is something that is sold way below its actual value.

So in the case of discounted dollars, we are selling people a future value of 100% dollars at a discount upfront. (life insurance)

  • in the case of a $100,000 life insurance policy that has a premium of $600 per year, we are selling this person $100,000 for future delivery at .06% per year. 
  • for a premium of $1,000 per year, we are selling this same person $100.00 for just 1% per year. 

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Here is an example script that I used. Keep in mind
I was selling my prospect on an idea or a concept. 

i learned this life insurance selling technique and concept selling idea from an associate of mine who used to sell estate planning policies. by using word pictures and concept selling, it became a key selling strategy for me, as well as created a new mind set for me as to what i was actually selling. it also was a simple easy way to communicate an idea or a concept to prospects.

(Note: The key here is you are trying to get your prospect or your client to buy into a concept, and then use a life insurance product to put the concept into action)

It went like this:

"Mr. prospect, let me ask you something.

As I mentioned to you up front, I am in the business of selling money.

So let me share and idea with you and your lovely wife/spouse. 

Lets say i was able to provide you with a box of money today that you could put up on your kitchen shelf, so that in case you died prematurely, there would be enough money in it for your wife:

  • to pay off your mortgage so your family could stay in your lovely home.
  • and  enough money to replace 5 years of income till your family
    made the financial adjustment of the loss of your paycheck.

Wouldn't  that be a great thing. A box of money today that could do that.

  • Furthermore,  if there was a way that i asked you to only pay 1% interest on that box of money every year, would that be a good thing. 1% interest.
  • Additionally, if you were to die before you retired, we would make sure your family would never have to pay the interest back. Would that also be a great thing.
  • Not only that, if you did live to retirement, we would pay you back all your interest payments plus a gain. Would that even be better. 

Most people usually say, that sounds to good to be true."

But let me ask you, if I could do that for your family, is that a concept you might be interested in hearing more about/or seeing
how it works? 

Note: depending on where you are with your prospect or client will determine where you go from here. 

  • Meaning if your use this concept as an opener with a business
    client, then you may set up a future interview to go into a more
    in depth interview.  

  • If your at the kitchen table with a prospect or client, then you will want to move into the product presentation and the close as follows.
  • Or if an estate planning case you would indicate this box of money will be there to pay your estate tax's when you die

Mr. prospect, that is the magic about buying, what I call discounted dollars. dollars for future delivery.

We have three ways to do this.

  1. One is the one I just told you about, with maximum refund. 
  2. the second one provides a lesser refund amount at retirement.
  3. the third one provides the box of money but no retirement option, but gives you the option to enroll in any of the above two at a future date.  

Based on what you told me upfront during my fact gathering interview (confidential questionnaire) you said you could force yourself to set aside $ XXXX per month, lets use that amount to show you what we can do. I think we can use option 1, 2 or 3. (depending on funds available) 

Let me show you the tool we will use to accomplish this and how this works. 

(And the product you would use to do this is called a universal policy/term policy/combination term and UL policy/ or whatever your selling ???.) 

Time and Patience

Just like anything else, it takes time and patience along with a few mistakes to fine tune this Life Insurance Selling Technique to fit your situation.

It is a great concept to use to open up any type of business insurance or business continuation plans, buy or sells, etc with a business owner. A quick 45 second story to get their attention. 

Remember, experience is the cumulative  result of trial and error.  

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