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Here is an idea that can help you sell more life
insurance and set more selling appointments?


What is the one word that can help you sell and set appointments?

appointment setting scripts should include certain keywords that
can help you motivate people.

As an insurance agent you know that the most important part of the life insurance selling process, or for that matter, any sales process, is getting in front of people and telling them your story and sharing ideas with them.

What is the one word that can help you sell and set appointments? Appointment setting scripts should include certain keywords that can help you motivate people.What is the one word that can help you sell and set appointments? Appointment setting scripts should include certain keywords that can help you motivate people.

We can only do this by stimulating a persons mind with new ideas and fresh concepts so that they will want to hear what we have to say.

Discover how using this one powerful word can help you unlock the customers mind and open the doorway to selling more life insurance and setting more appointments. Just using this one powerful word can help you sell and set more appointments.

This is a selling concept i want to share with you that can change your mindset and completely change your attitude when calling and setting appointments.

So is there really one word can help do all this.

Do you really want to hear more about this idea?

Okay, how is The one word to help you sell and set appointments suppose to help me? 

Let me explain. Here is what most life insurance agents usually do when they contact someone and ask them for an insurance selling appointment.

They will usually say: Hello Mr. Prospect. I would like to get together to talk about your:

  • Financial plan.
  • Mortgage insurance.
  • Children insurance.
  • Retirement plan.
  • etc.

Whether they realize it or not, by using the above approach, you are creating what I call "a tunnel vision approach."

What do I mean by a tunnel vision approach? Quite simply, it means you are being topic specific and created a single topic approach.

By doing so, you have limited yourself to a specific audience and a specific subject. If you asked them for an interview on children's insurance and they have no kids, what did you just do? You just showed your incompetence and who wants to deal with someone like that? I wouldn't.

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This is why you need to learn more about the psychology of communication.

Here is a selling concept example:

Lets say you call up a prospect and say Mr prospect I would like to talk to you about insurance on your children. And lets say this person has no children... Where can you go from there? No where.

What happens next?...Click..dial tone. Yup, they hang up or say no Thanks.

Replace that approach using the word mortgage insurance, and they are renting an apartment...Click..dial tone again.

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My point is that you need a word that will create an open mind. A word that invites exploration. A word that covers an entire insurance selling spectrum and a word that does not limit your audience to a tunnel vision approach.

Believe it or not, there is one universal word in our vocabulary that can create this full spectrum approach, and more. It also opens peoples minds and stimulates imagination.

This one word is used by successful people in just about any profession when they want to get to meet someone to discuss a new concept or a new opportunity.

So what is this magical four letter word?

It is the word "IDEA" You will note that i refer to this word "idea" several times in the beginning of this article. How did you react to reading the above information with the word idea in it. Did you want to learn more about more about this idea and what we were talking about. Did it create an invitation to explore. Was it positive or negative in your mind? 

It is one of the key words a successful person must learn to use in the psychology of communicating.

Here are some selling concept examples:

  • Mr prospect, I would like to talk to you about some ideas that may help you guarantee your family's future. ( to you about selling insurance, disability insurance, life insurance)
  • I would like to talk to you about some ideas on how to make sure your family has a way to maintain their lifestyle for a few years in event something happens to you or your spouse. (vs.....I want to talk to you about some mortgage insurance).
  • Mr prospect, I would like to visit with you about some ideas on how to save and accumulate money on a tax deferred basis and if nothing more I would like the opportunity to meet you, (vs talk you about IRA, 401-k etc.)
  • I would like to visit with you and your spouse about some new ideas on how to maximize your retirement saving portfolio.

People like to talk about ideas. They do not like to talk about life insurance. As we all know, there is some type of stigma attached to the word life insurance.  So lets just remove that thought from the prospects mindset.

Here is example of my phone calling approach I used:

  • "Mr prospect I would like to get together with you and share some ideas on accumulating money and providing financial independence for you and your family. and if nothing more I would like the opportunity to meet you.  The object of my first meeting with you is to only see if we have anything in common that may be of interest to you. Are daytime or evening appointments better?"

Think about what I just shared with you: 

  • Most people are willing to listen to ideas but less interested in talking about insurance, dying, retirement, etc.

Once I learned how to incorporate the word idea into my phone calling and selling interviews, it added a whole new approach to my way of thinking and contacting people. Give it a try, you might like it.

Selling insurance and setting appointments requires knowledge of:concept selling and painting word pictures. 

Another powerful concept that helped me sell more policies was telling the prospect I was selling money, and not life insurance. Learn how to use this  selling the money concept in your presentation.

Footnote: I want to clarify that I was never ashamed or felt disheartened that I was a life insurance agent. In fact, I was very proud to be able to show people how to create money in the event of the loss of a breadwinner or key person. Remember - we are selling money to people when they will need it the most.

I hope this article on The one word to help you sell and set appointments will help you with getting more appointments and more sales.

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