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Free life insurance leads can be derived from annual
reviews, policy delivery and innovation. 

Client service can provide many future benefits

free life insurance leads can be generated in many different ways. one of the best ways to get free life insurance leads is to ask for them during the annual review or policy delivery. I use to train my agents to understand that this is what we called called "the second sale" in every interview. but it should not be the only thing, as we will share with you in this article.

Over time, my record keeping system showed me that each referred lead card that I received, using the below referred lead card system shown below generated me an average of $176 per card. Once i realized this, i seen this as a source of deferred income that and it was a fact that i could not dismiss. I realized that even if i did not make a sale and achieved my goal off getting 3 referred leads from the prospect before I left, I knew that i made $528 off that interview.  

another objective during this annual review or policy delivery interview is to make sure you set the stage and plant the seed for a future sale.

Just like any other part of your life insurance selling career, you have to prepare for the sale, or in this case the annual review. An ad hoc attitude is not a good approach, and agents that send the policy to the client in the mail will never benefit from this concept because of their laziness.

Lets examine these two concepts one at a time. 

So here is what I trained my agents to say to get referred leads

  • Mr. Prospect, my business requires me to meet people. Good people like you. Since we last visited is there anyone else that comes to mind, that I should sit down with to share some of the ideas we shared. (Have a couple referred lead cards handy to fill out) Stop talking and wait for some type of response. )
  • (Sales Tip)When you ask someone for referrals, you need to learn to zip the lip till they say something. You need to give them time to think. They are sorting stuff out in their minds. Don't be answering for them. Learn to be patient. 
  • As me and my clients developed our relationship, there were many time that I would go back for the annual review and my clients would already have a list of referrals, made out and waiting for me. They would say something like "we know your going to ask,  so we already put some names together for you" 
  • Learn how to use this proven and tested free life insurance leads sales talk called the card system. It is your second sale and your most important part of any interview, whether it is the first time or it is a servicing  interview. This
    is when your referred lead system is at work and you trained your clients to 
    help you grow.

That is when you know you have arrived... .

Learn and Earn

Setting the stage for a future sale from an existing client
by planting that seed upfront. 

When I got ready to contact my clients on their policy anniversary date, I made sure their name popped up in my tickler file on the date the policy was issued.

And then once I knew what date they would receive their annual statement from the home office, I would send a letter out saying "congratulations, it's your 1st policy anniversary date". I will be giving you a call and I will be coming by and we will celebrate your first policy anniversary date together.

I would indicate we will go through the annual statement and help answer any questions they may have. I would keep it simple and to the point.

Then I would follow up with a phone call to set the time.

Follow along and learn how to set the stage for future sales

  • Setting the stage: Once in the clients house, I would sit down with them and do our small talk. And during this small talk I always tried to bring up or refer back to something they said about their family the last time I was there. This is called relationship building. How could I remember that far back you ask? I couldn’t, however when ever I left a clients house after any type of interview, and got in my car, I immediately put down something important that we talked about related to their family on a 3x5 card and filed it for the next years meeting. So if they said “Little Johnny was going to be having his piano recital in a week or two”, I would be able to refer back to that. I always was amazed at how impressed they were that I remembered. This is called relationship building, and letting them know they are special.
  • Harvest Time: So now we move the kitchen table and I would then pull out my interview questionnaire notes from the prior interview which we filled out when they bought the policy and again reaffirm why they bought their policies and review the reasons that they purchased each policy.
  • Then somewhere during reviewing my notes I will say:"I note here that last time we visited we wanted to talk about getting some insurance ( on your kids, mortgage cancellation policy, disability,etc.") Do you remember that? And we said we would talk about it at our next annual review. (Because that seed was planted by me at the last annual review or policy delivery) my clients would always say, oh yes I sort of remember we brought something like that up. I would then say "Good but let’s go through your annual report and then we can talk about that when we get done reviewing this stuff.” It was during these annual reviews that I continued to harvest those seeds that I planted during my previous meeting, while at the same time allowing me to build up my inventory of free insurance leads we call referred leads.(More free life insurance leads) .

Learn to Plant the seed for future Harvesting

During any policy delivery or an annual review, not only do you want to get free life insurance leads, you also need to plant the seed for a future sale by saying something to the following effect at the end of the interview. (However, you should have rehearsed in your mind before you got there, as to how and when you plan on leading into that seed planting ceremony.)

    "Mr. Prospect, when we get back together during our annual review you may want to consider a Baby Sitter Policy, or possibly a plan to help with the establishing of a guardianship for your children, which is a Guardian Trust Fund. (See how these concepts can work) click here.

    This is how you plant the seed for future sales. (Remember, you can not harvest the crop if you don't plant the seeds) You can suggest a mortgage cancellation policy, disability insurance, insurance on children, IRA program, etc.

    After all is said and done and after I complete my annual review, I will again ask for referred leads. (Remember: Keep training your client) Free life insurance leads are yours for the taking, but you have to ask.

    This is always a great time to ask, as almost everyone that buys life insurance usually will be telling someone about the insurance plan they bought, and the type of person you are and the service you offer. Your best free life insurance leads come from your clients.

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