Selling a Life Insurance Policy

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Requires Delivering of the Policy to Maximize the Sale
(Part Two)

Selling a life insurance policy has one final step to complete the total sale. (That is when you personally deliver the Policy.)

Not only does it enhance your image of being a successful insurance consultant, but it is at this time that that you reaffirm the sale and really make them your client. This step actually completes the life insurance sale for you.

The purpose of this selling a life insurance policy topic page is to explain how to take control of that final step after selling a life insurance policy, (the policy delivery), and maximize it for your future benefit.

So, lets look at the steps you should follow, leading up to the physical delivery of the policy with the client.

I realize many newer life insurance agents sometimes have a reluctance to physically deliver some policies because they are afraid the client will reject it.

Sure that can happen, if you are not doing your insurance job professionally. Lets learn how to remove any of that fear.

Learn how to take control of this final step.

The sad part about selling a life insurance policy is the policy delivery process is where most insurance agents blow it off as a chore.

They drop in and hand the new client the policy with some chit chat, or the real lazy ones just mail it. I have even seen insurance agents tell their clients, I will hold your policy in my file, so as not to have to face that client.

This part of the sale is probably your most defining moment.

It is where you create and lock in your client. It is where you start training him/her to your system. It is where you create the process to develop future referrals. It is where you firm up that sale for future renewals (if your company pays them)

So lets go through the process and look at what true
professional insurance agent would do.

First of all, If a policy normally takes three weeks to get issued, give your client a courtesy call after a couple weeks.

Call and tell them....

  • "this a courtesy call and I just wanted to let you know everything is moving along just fine. I will give you a call when I receive the policy and we can then set up a time that is mutually convenient for us to get together." (that takes about two minutes of your time and I found that it is well worth it)

When the policy comes back, you will need to go through it to make sure the names are spelt right, address is correct, beneficiary is correct, etc.

Next, Have a policy wallet to put the policies in and personalize it. You should prepare this policy delivery wallet and put the clients name on it, and include your business card. I use to buy a gold marking pen at book store and use that to put the clients name on the wallet.

I would also compose a letter to be included in the policy wallet outlining whatever you feel is important. My letter was basically a form letter that I would fine tune to each specific client. I use to reiterate the questions I asked the client while going through the confidential questionnaire and reiterate all their answers and concerns we addressed in that questionnaire. If you have completed LUTC, CLU or CFP then make sure that you note that in this letter.

After you are all set, then call the client and set up an appointment. "Mr. Prospect, just calling to let you know that everything came back okay. I am always a little concerned because of the many things that insurance companies look at today. When would be a good time for us to get together. Are morning or afternoon appointments better?" (Note: since you already established a relationship here, most of the time you can set up a daytime appointment with them. (If not, no big deal)

When going back to the clients house for the delivery, you must remember, you are still in the sales mode. You are now in the second phase of selling a life insurance policy

After a short friendly chat, I would then pull out the confidential questionnaire, or what ever form you used, and start off by saying:

"Mr. prospect, lets review what we accomplished here. I will start at the top and go through each of the questions I asked during the initial sales interview and reaffirm all the answers they gave me, so as to refresh their memory of why they enrolled in this insurance program. (people have short memories)

Enclose a Delivery Letter.

I then show them the letter that I am enclosing in their policy wallet which outlines what we just discussed. By enclosing this letter in the policy wallet, I have had clients that were thinking of canceling their policies tell me that after reviewing that letter, the decided to keep their insurance, or not change it if another agent tried to replace it.

At this point I then take out the policy and go through it page by page and discuss key areas such as the incontestable clause, beneficiary page, front page showing name and type of policy, go through the cash value page and explain that along with surrender charges, home office service dept. number, and review my letter that stays in policy wallet with my card and phone number, etc.

If they are on a monthly payment plan, I then tell them that the monthly premium will be transferred from their checking or savings account to xyz company on the ? of the month.

I then let them know that they will be getting a annual statement once a year from the company to update them on their policies and that when they get that statement , if they need me to answer any questions, to please give me a call so we can sit down and go through it.

I also tell them that I will also have their name kick up on my tickler file In case they forget to call. These are the follow up steps to selling a life insurance policy.

This is where you start training them.

Keep in mind a young client buys about 7 different times during their life. This is where you must learn to lock them in to you.

Learn to set the stage for future visits so that there is no misunderstanding.

Your annual review is where you get together and try and generate some referred leads and fill another need for them. This is where you start training your client.

As I get ready to leave, I close my computer or book and the only thing on the table is 3 of my referred lead cards.

Here is where I start training them, so when they see these cards laying on the table through my entire presentation, they know I am going to ask for referrals. They were there when I made the sale.

I then go into my referred lead talk. 

I hope that you will benefit from this selling and delivering a life insurance policy article and how to service your new clients.

Have a Happy Day..Life is good.

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