Successful People Have Learned The Art of Behavior Management.

Here is video number four. It has two separate parts. View part 4-A first, and then view 4-B after that.

Video 4A

Watch this top video first and when done watch the below video.

Video 4B

I am sorry to say that my good friend and colleague Bob Davies was killed in a skydiving accident on March 21st, 2019. See memorial 

In honor of his dedication to helping people we decided to keep his memory alive by maintaining his videos. 

Here is Bobs video number 5. There is no longer a link to Bobs Davies personal website and motivational mentoring programs. However there
are many of his videos on line yet for you to view. 

We will send you one of Bobs more dynamic motivational videos which may help you in creating a positive Mindset for Success. Watch for it in a few days. 

After reviewing this series of videos, I would hope that you have gained a fantastic insight into what separates the winners from the rest of the pack. Human behaviour is the difference. Can you break your bad habits.

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Have a great day..Ted

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