Changing Your Bad Insurance Selling Habits

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 Insurance Selling and Prospecting is the Result of a Successful Behavior Management System


Changing your bad insurance selling habits can help you successfully improve the results of your insurance selling and prospecting routine. However, this usually  requires certain positive behavior management changes, and not everyone has the intestinal fortitude to this. 

If your results are not producing enough sales and leads, then there must be a problem with how you are doing things. So one must analyze what they are doing and make some changes. Usually the number one change required is a behavior management change by you. 

As simple as this sounds, just using something as simple as a 3" x 5" card that you carry around, as explained below, can help you with any changes you want to make. (Prospecting, Phone calling, asking questions in an interview, Fact finding, etc)

So now you have to decide, do I want to take the 3 minutes to read this article, or am I just going to ignore it because it did not give me immediate gratification.

Changing Your Bad Insurance Selling Habits

If you are an insurance agent or insurance recruiter,  and are a subscriber to my site, you will see that this above phrase is constantly repeated through out my website.

Why, Because this one statement had a big impact on me the first time i had seen it. In fact I always included this saying on the back of my of 3 x 5 cards which I will be explaining in this article, and also had a sign made up to put on my office wall as a daily reminder. 

   "Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people won't do."

In my early years when it came to my own personal behavior management, related to selling and marketing insurance, I always had a problem with change and i knew I had to do something, but it seems that i could never get it done.

Somewhere in my early life insurance readings i came across a simple idea that I started using, and it proved to be one of the most important things i ever done, It helped me make many of the changes needed to be successful. I am hoping this idea can help you with changing your bad insurance selling habits into good habits.

It is a known fact that most, but not all, successful insurance agents have an attention deficit deficiency problem, called A.D.D. This is usually a person that has a short attention span, and usually has a problem completing tasks and following through. They are concept orientated and don't like to deal with the details.

So most of the time, it is this group of people who seem to have problems getting organized. They want immediate gratification with out the work of having to make changes. However, change just don't happen just because you wish it to happen. You need a system.

One of the bad habits associated with having this a.d.d. problem is learning to really listen to what the prospect is saying to you during an interview. Learning to listen and ask questions during an interview is the most important selling skills you must learn. This card system helped me over come the problem of learning to listen, and I became a better listener.

Bad habits
require a behavior management change in your lifestyle and  can only be changed if you are really serious about changing them. No one but you can take the actions to do something to change them.

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So here is a suggestion

I found that this simple technique of using a 3 X 5 reminder card and carrying it in my shirt pocket everyday was the best way to help me achieve these changes. Because we always are reaching for a pen or something in our shirt pocket, we would automatically touch this card and we then get in the habit of reading it. Repetition is the key to learning something.

Here is an example of a 3 x 5 card I carried in my shirt pocket.

For the 30 days from Jan 1st thru Feb 1st      
  My three most important changes to work on  for
the next 60 days are:

  • Make sure that you ask for 3 referred leads after every interview.
  • Complete my to do list every night - yellow pad/tablet/laptop .

  • Make that one extra call after every phone calling session.

Remember, successful people do the things
unsuccessful people won't do.

Here is another simple technique to help you 

It is called the insurance agents work unit.  It is a powerful tool that you can use to help you change your selling and prospecting habits.

So if changing your bad insurance selling habits is something
you want to really do

My three most important changes to work on. Write it out

the first thing you need to do is get a yellow pad and make up a list of things you need to get better at. Then decide on the top three, and write them down on a 3 x 5 card and carry that card around in your shirt pocket every day. Also put a copy on your desk where you can see it everyday, as well as in your car.

When you get up in the morning take the 3 x 5 card and review it then put it in you shirt pocket and carry it with you every day.

Once you have mastered a specific change, remove it from your 3 x 5 card, and replace it with the next most next important one, off of your list of changes that you made up. I know that changing your bad insurance selling habits requires a lot of work, and that is because any behavior management change must be done one step at a time. Remember that old saying "Do it for 30 days and it becomes a habit."

Trust me it works, but only if you want it to work, and if you make that commitment to work at it. 

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Have a great day...Ted

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