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Learn how To listen and ask key questions?


An important aspect of your life insurance sales training is learning  "How To Listen and ask the right questions"

If you did not receive this valuable insurance training, then take the time to review this article.

If you can get people to start talking about themselves and what they want and what their concerns are, it will help you set the theme for your presentation. When I say theme, this is the prospects hot button that you can then refer to through out the interview

How To Listen and ask the right questions? In most cases you will walk out of the house without a sale.
Why? Because you did not listen to what the prospect wanted and did not ask the right questions.Learning how to listen and ask the right questions will determine if you
make a sale or not.

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What is their hot button

As an example, let’s say you find out what their hot button is. Let’s say it is to make sure that his son or daughter gets a good education,(Mr. prospect, what college do you want your son/daughter to attend? Is that where you went?) or he wants to retire at 57 (tell me about your plans for retirement. What would you like to do?), or he wants his wife to stay home and take of the kids while they are growing up. With that mind you can then continue to refer to that theme (or hot button) through out that interview.

“Mr. Prospect, can you see how this program will allow you to achieve what you want, and that is to make sure your wife will be able to stay at home and be a mom while the kids are growing up in the event of your premature death.”

If you do not establish that theme, then when you get to the close, you will be trying to sell the prospect on what you think he/she needs verses selling them what they want.

One way to do this is to use our confidential questionnaire.

If you did not establish the theme, find the hot button, etc., you will then spend a lot of wasted time during the closing process by throwing out all kind of different reasons in hopes that they will buy your product.

What do I mean by establishing the theme?

Since you never found what they really wanted to accomplish (the theme) and because your are in the insurance business, you continue to throw out solutions for different problems that you know exist, (cover your mortgage, income for blackout period, education funds, Retirement funding, wife insurance).

This can happen because of the lack of proper life insurance sales training  in running a interview. What happen, is you never (upfront) really uncovered their wants and discussed it in any detail, and solidified it in their minds. so now what happens, they throw objections at you and you are now trying to find a match. However, you now only have a 10% chance of matching a problem to your product a and 5% chance to make a sale.

In most cases you will walk out of the house without a sale.

Why? Because you did not listen to what the prospect wanted and did not ask the right questions.

If your life insurance sales training did not teach you this early on, then it is something you must learn to master on your own. We provide many articles on our site to help you with this.

Also, it is important to understand and learn that people buy what they want, not what they need.

Your life insurance sales training is your responsibility. You need to continue to work on this skill. Spend some time on developing your questioning and listening skills. If you want an ongoing mentor and resource site you should subscribe to our site or sign up for our monthly newsletter. Those sign up links are located on the top right side of this page. Once or twice a month you will receive a new insurance sales and marketing tip.

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