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How power phrases can impact your clients thinking?

Your insurance sales career can be enhanced by using power phrases. They can be the difference between having a successful insurance sales career or failing in the business, and they are just one of many skills that can sometimes be the result of success or failure during a sale.

This section on power phrases could be that small piece needed to complete your success formula to help you make more insurance sales.

What are Power Phrases?

Learning how to use power phrases is a powerful sales tool. Used properly it can turn a prospect into a client as well as eliminate long debates.Using a short power phrase rather than trying to debate with the prospect or use a lengthily explanation helps you get the client back on track.

A power phrase is saying something in a short but sweet way, sprinkled with key words that will deeply impact the clients thinking.

Over time, I realized that certain types of objections continued to pop up during my interviews. I started writing them down and kept a small history of the repeat objections.

I then took the time to sit down and write out what I refer to as power phrases, so that when these repeat objections came up, I would hit the prospect with a short power phrase rather than trying to debate with the prospect or try to use a lengthily explanation to justify the situation and their objection.

I have included a few examples on this page so that you will get the feel of what power phrases are like to help you in your insurance sales career. 

As i discussed in one of my articles "selling is a 95% people business and a 5% product knowledge business

Lets look at some examples

Example # 1:

Mr. Prospect, what formula did you use to help you determine the amount of money you should be saving for retirement, as well as determining the amount of money (not insurance) you need to keep you family together if you die?

Example #2:

During my insurance sales career, when I worked on estate planning cases, I would ask the client what they had done re: their estate plan.

Usually they would say in a vague terms that they done this or that. I would respond by saying Mr. /Mrs. Prospect, have you ever really walked through the whole process to make sure that it was going to accomplish what you want it to accomplish. They usually say no.

My power phrase was: “Mr. Prospect, your estate plan is only going to get one chance to work, there is no second chance. That is why I want to walk and talk you through your estate plan. Let’s see if it is going to work like you want it to, and accomplish your intended goals.”

Example #3:

Many times I would ask people to give me their definition of estate planning. Their first response is that estate planning is designed to save taxes.

My power Phrase: “Mr. Prospect, yes that is one of the side benefits of estate planning. However, the most important thing about estate planning is trying to keep your family together. What I mean by that MR. and Mrs. Prospect is that I have seen many family relationships extinguished and fall apart, because there was a battle over who gets what.” Communication skills are a learned skill"

Example #4:

Another thought Mr. Prospect, sometimes an estate needs to be divided fairly and not equally. As an example, let’s say there are 3 children in a family. And let’s say that one of the sons or a daughter spends their life working with Dad, building up the Dads business, should the other 2 children, one being a school teacher and the other a carpenter, be entitled to an equal share of that business value when they contributed nothing to its success.

Example #5:

When talking to people about retirement planning or saving money, and because of the knowledge that I learned through my studies, I also developed another Power phrase I used when we talked about saving money and the income tax implications.

(This power phrase was as follows: Mr. Prospect, you probably know this, but there are two types of taxes in this world, taxes for the informed and taxes for the uninformed. I want to work with you so that you become the informed.)

Example #6:

Some times a person would tell me; well I have a lot of time to do something before I retire. (I would respond as follows: Mr. prospect, could you save $100 per month if you forced yourself to. They would usually say yes or maybe. Well let me share something with you.

You are currently 35 years old. Let’s say you want to retire at 65. Sounds like a long ways down the road don’t it? Well let’s convert that to months.

(12 months in a year, you have 30 years, which is 360 months.)

(My power phrase)... Mr Prospect, If you forced yourself to save $100 per month, and the key here is forcing yourself, because you are the only one that can do that, no one else can. but lets say you did force yourself to save $100 per month (times 360 months) that comes out to only $36,000. Is that going to be enough to retire on? That is why we have to maximize how we save money for the future. I'm not sure, but based on what you told me so far, we may have a retirement problem.

I use to have a chart made up that I could visually show the client at whatever age they were, how many months they have left, times $100 month and the end result.

Example #7:

Mr. Prospect, as you know our lives have many facets. As an example we have a financial life, our family life, our business life, our social life. What I want to do today is talk about your financial life.

Example #8:

The key to saving money is forcing yourself to do it. If you really forced yourself, how much could you set aside on a monthly basis?

How did these power phrases help me during my insurance sales career ?

Power phrases helped me open big cases and close more sales. Hopefully you will be able to develop your own short list of power phrases and your insurance sales career will prosper and grow, and I hope you were able to grasp the concept of what a power phrase is. Work on this selling skill and it will make your insurance sales career less stressful.

Remember that good power phrases maximize sales.

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