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Here are several key insurance marketing ideas that could help you take control of your insurance career.

below are several insurance marketing ideas for you to work on while developing your life insurance selling career. I also included at the bottom of this page several links to other life insurance marketing topics and selling techniques.

As a personal producer and agency manager, and possibly your insurance mentor, I want to share some selling concept examples I became associated with over the years. Many of these insurance marketing ideas helped my agents become successful in the life insurance business.

Insurance marketing ideas that work. Concepts and word pictures.Insurance marketing ideas for new and existing agents

Go through each one and if you have any questions on them
use our insurance forum to ask for answers

  • 1) Listening: I know this may seem like a crazy thing to include under insurance marketing ideas, but in my opinion it is probably one of the most under estimated aspects of being a successful sales person. One of the biggest problems I always had with new agents was trying to have them be quiet at key times. When you ask someone a question, you need to give them time to think. They are sorting stuff out in their minds. Wait for some type of response before you start talking again. Don't be answering for them. Once you learn this art of listening, you will be on your way to being a good sales person....LEARN TO LISTEN.
  • 2) The Annual Review:  Another Insurance Marketing Idea I used successfully, was when I come back for that first annual review with my new client. I would pull out my interview notes and again reaffirm why they bought the policies, and somewhere during reviewing my notes I will say "by the way do you remember we talked about getting some insurance on your kids, mortgage cancellation policy, baby sitter policy, guardian trust policy, etc." Because that seed was planted about a year ago at delivery or during my annual review, my clients would always say, oh yes I remember we brought that up. I would then say "Lets go through your annual report and then we can talk about that when we get done reviewing your annual report/policy."
  • 3) Making Those Slow Months Work For You:  Over the years, after I built up my client base, I decided to use my slow months to do my annual reviews. Because of the summer months and the days being longer, people would want to enjoy the outdoors more often in my part of country. During these months it seemed harder to get in front of new prospects to sell insurance. So I decided that I would call my existing client base during this time frame, as I would never have a problem getting an appointment with them to sit down and do our annual get together and their annual review. It was during these interviews and using this insurance marketing concept that I harvested those seeds I planted previously and also allowed me to build up my inventory of referred leads.
  • 4) Establish Credibility: Somewhere in your client interview process, ask them to see their current life insurance policies and take a quick check to see who the beneficiaries are, especially with newly weds. I have found that in their early years of marriage they just forget to change them. I do not know how many times I have found a ex wife or the parents as the primary beneficiary. This is a quick way to establish credibility.
  • 5) Make subliminal closing statements during the interview:  During your interview process, continue to drop little subliminal messages such as:
  1. When you become a client of mine I will provide you with this, I will do this for you, etc..

  2. Most people want someone to help them organize their financial life. They want someone they are comfortable with and someone that will take care of the detail stuff. That is your job. Tell them how you plan to help them if they become your client.

  3. When talking about insurance, I use to try and get people to move away from using the word insurance. I would tell them what we are discussing is money. Dollars that will be needed to fill a financial gap in the event something would happen. I would say you can call it anything you want, but I call it money.

  4. I also used to show people a brief overview of my financial plan and would explain to them why I have certain policies and what they are suppose to do.

Using these type of comments are part of your relationship building skills that need to be perfected over time.

Here is a great sales idea that not very many insurance agents use. Check out this insurance sales tip.  It can make you a lot of extra money.

Below are some additional insurance marketing ideas that
I recommend for you to investigate.

Within each of these Insurance marketing idea pages are links that will take you to additional insurance selling ideas and concepts:

1) The sales process

2) Generating Leads at the time of policy delivery 

3) Developing Your Daily Action Plan

4) Policy Delivery and planting the seed for future sales

I hope that some of the above Insurance Marketing Ideas will benefit you as well as help create additional sales for you.

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