My personal website. I am looking for help ideas to make my personal website more effective.

by George

I have had websites for a month now to solicit leads. No leads or inquiries through it to date. I advertised on Facebook for a week. No clicks or looks. How do you get people to look at your website? I do have a page for my business on Facebook. So far the whole website idea seems to be a waste of time - however I am willing to give it ample time to provide me with leads. You mention the e-zine idea and other ideas about concepts and other things to send out to existing customers. The big question here is content. Where do I find content that could be used to send out to these people? I believe that sending out a quarterly newsletter to my existing clients is a great idea. I do not know where to come up with content for it. There are many articles about insurance on the web but that does not imply permission to forward them in the case of a business relationship like this. Is there any website that exists that I could do business with that creates the type of content you refer to? Thank you.


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Have you looked into SEO?
by: Aman Maniktala

Having a website is the first step and you seem to be on the right path by promoting your website in FB because the more likes you have, the better chances for your website to appear in google search but still on 2nd or 3rd page.

What you need is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). If someone is looking for services, the best way to find them is google and the fact is they don't know your company so they are not searching in google by company name but rather by service(s) they want. SEO helps your company info and website to appear on first page and in the top 5-10 listings. 95% or more dont click on second page and find what they are looking for in top 10 listings.

You also have to select SEO companies carefully. If they promise you it will be done in 10 days, it's probably not going to be effective. SEO is taking all keywords from your industry terminology and your website to help find your existence and can take anywhere from 30-90 days, depending upon your website contents and industry.

Some food for thought Re: your Website Marketing plan.
by: Ted

Hi George;

RE: your website and your results. It is important to understand that just because you put together a website, does not mean immediate results, and it is unrealistic to expect immediate referrals. You have to learn to market that site and test your results and you need to provide help and information for people.

As far as content, You are the only one who can create content, or you can go to the the different blog sites and copy links to refer your people to. If you look at the bottom of my pages, you will see a "pay it foward link"

Just copy items of interest links and include them in your web site or blog site. In any mailings to clients, you can say here is another interesting article I thought you might find interesting, click here for information about "how to paint your house when it raining, etc." (Good help tips are one way to get people to open your site when building a following.

You need to create a blog page and create your own mailing list from your client base and then provide a worth while service for people.

If you expect people to provide you leads just because you are asking for them is also unrealistic. Below is an interesting video I located about web building. Please click on the arrow on the the bottom left side of this video to start it, and listen to what this person says. He refers to content 2.0. Content 2.0 is web language for information items you send to you readers and new readers.

I hope this will help.

Have a great day...Ted

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