When I landed on Ted's insurance website by accident, I couldn't believe what I had found.

by Mike McCoy

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My name is Mike McCoy, and I work in the marketing department for one of the largest Independent Marketing Companies (IMO,s) in the country. We partner with thousands of agents who are contracted and write business under/through our hierarchy.

I have personally worked with these agents for over ten years, providing them with leads, pending business questions, product information and many other things. The problem is my time is limited, and frankly there are too many agents who need my assistance. I am only one of several marketing consultants, that work in our office, and we probably have more agent support than most of our competition.

After working on this end of the business for the past ten years, I have found that there is no way I can help every agent with every need. This is why Ted's website is so helpful.

When I landed on Ted's website by accident, I couldn't believe what I had found. I kept looking for something to pop up asking for money to be able to proceed deeper into his website, but a request for money never materialized, it just kept supplying me with more and more information from how to get started in the life insurance business, and how to keep your new clients for years. Anything I could try to think of was there in complete and detailed answers.

This site is the only one of its kind, that I know of, that was designed and run by an actual agent and agency builder who learned all of the suggestions and recommendations by actually doing it for over 30 years in the business. And to learn that all he wanted to do was pass along (pay it forward) all of his information and knowledge for everyone else to use? simply amazing!

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Ted and he has indicated that he plans to create a series of Mini-Educational Video Seminars in the near future, to further assist and help new and existing agents.

I will be telling all of our existing agents (well over 10,000) about this site and every new agent that joins our team from this day going forward.

Ted, I don't know how we (and our industry) could thank you enough for all your hard work, selfless dedication for creating something just to help other agents.

Again, I thank you very much and we look forward to working with you for LIFE.

Mike McCoy
Life and Annuity Masters

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Thanks for Comments
by: Ted

Hey Mike;

Thanks for the kind words. We will continue to do the best we can to help new and existing agents enhance their insurance careers.

We hope our readers will also contribute to our insurance forum, so that they can also provide their personal insights abd ideas to help others grow, as well as use this insurance forum to ask for help and post comments.


Ted Wolk, Author and Creator

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