How has Site Build It helped your business?


How has Site Build It helped your business? I see a lot of people say that this website is a scam? Please let me know how it has worked for you?

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Your looking at my Site Sell Website
by: Ted

It would have been nice if you left your e-mail address, however I will still comment on this question.

Site sell is a very real company and a first class operation. What you get for their annual fee of about $299 per year is superior to any of the other hosting companies where they nickel and dime you to death for this and that.

As to your question, it has helped me build an opportunity to help people in the insurance business. I have read some of those scam site articles, and the problem with the people writing them is they expect overnight success. Building a website takes time. Just like any other business it takes time to build a following. You are competing with 987,000,000 plus other websites.

Secondly, Most of the people writing about Site Sell in a negative way, probably did not have the smarts to follow their simple step by step instructions. Many times I see people writing in the site sell forum asking for help on why their site is not building a following and they for some reason did not enter the much needed keywords in the right place or done the keyword search needed to define your website.

If people don't follow instructions and just think that you can set up a website and put up a few pages up and ask people to buy something without first building a following, they are living in a dream world. If things are not done right, sure it probably would seem like a scam.

Thirdly, I have no experience in building a web site when I started. I usually have a hard time chewing gum and driving. I did build this site totally by myself.

However, If a person wants to use the site sell coaching team to build their site, and get it up and running, that is an option for people that want to do that. But ultimately the site owner has to get involved in taking ownership of their site. Only you can communicate your ideas and concepts to the world wide web.

Just like my site, I am sharing my experiences to help other insurance agents. There is no way I could have someone else write this stuff
for me.

Just remember, it is usually the people looking for a fast buck that writes this stuff because they expected to get rich overnight.

Feel free to ask any other questions. All I can say is Site Sell gives anyone the biggest bang for their buck compared to all the other hosting sites I personally checked out.

Click on the below link for a site sell video tour.

Site sell video Tour

Have a great day...Ted

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