What's your take on the issues below?

by Victoria U
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Hi Ted. I must appreciate you for your posts, it has indeed been insightful. Before now I rarely ask for lead but from you, I have seen that I' ve been doing myself a great disservice by not asking. By October 2016, it will be a year i became an insurance marketer. I did like to ask a few questions. As a new marketer must i go out everyday even when i don't really have any particular place to go to? Also a colleague of mine always get angry when prospects referred to has as insurance agent cos back here in Nigeria, a lot of people see insurance marketing as one of the worst job ever. So whats the proper word or way to introduce ourselves to the propsect. Secondly, for some time now, my agency manager have been kin on us getting bigger deposit so that we can earn bigger commission which i would love to earn too but am kin on building relationships first the big deposits will come. Whats your take on that. Also i am planning doing a door to door sales presentation in my neigbourhood but afraid it may not yield much result has i anticipate, do you think this is achievable knowing the kind of society I operate in ?
Would be happy to hear from you.

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New agent prospecting problems.
by: Ted


Your situation is no different where you are as it is here in America. Agents face the same problems day in and day out. I have no idea what product you are selling or what type of presentation you are using.

One thing you need to understand is that you are selling money. I use to tell people, you may think I am selling insurance, but what I am selling is money. Money for future delivery. Change your mind set.

As far as getting a bigger premium, when I first started I was asking for $7 per month to start a plan, and when they said no, I had no place to go lower. Eventually, I convinced myself through my manager help to start out asking for a $100 a month. When they said no,I usually ended up with a $50 month sale. I had somewhere to go down.

Also, when a new agent is starting out and working broke, the have the mindset that people can't afford a high premium because they can't see themselves paying that high amount, so they are scared to ask for a higher premium because they think they will somehow scare the client off.

I have a provided a few articles you need to read, as well as the associated links within each article.

How to get away from using the insurance word >https://www.an-insurance-agents-career.com/The-one-word-to-help-you-sell-and-set-appointments.html

Getting organized, prerparing each day> https://www.an-insurance-agents-career.com/insuranceagenttraining.html
Calling people for appointments >https://www.an-insurance-agents-career.com/ColdCallingProspects.html

Prospecting is a 24/7 thing. > https://www.an-insurance-agents-career.com/lifeinsuranceleads.html

Also I would suggest you go to our insurance agents survival store and purchase our inexpensive Prospect or Die e-book. It addresses most of these issues also.

Hope this helps. Make sure you read the associated links on each page.Your answer to all your questions are in these articles.

Happy Selling.


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