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Closing Sales
August 07, 2014

From Ted Wolk, Site author and creator

We recently have changed our newsletter to a new concept which we are calling "Free Sales, Marketing and Recruiting Tips" This new format was created to send out to our subscribers, once or twice a month, a unique tip to help you with selling and marketing life insurance. We also will includes tips on recruiting and agency building. I hope you will benefit and enjoy these tips. We would also appreciate it if you would pass this page link along to others that you may know in the insurance business.

Here is a free report on the

"Best Practices For Setting Up a Lead Nurturing Program"

There’s no time like the present to stop losing valuable prospects and start grooming them into qualified leads.

Receive Your Complimentary Report NOW! Just click this link >>>> Best practices for setting up lead nuturing program

You can also click on the left side nav bar on this site page and pick out other free reports. Check it out, I am sure you you will find other free trade magazines and repots that will benefit you in the lng run.

If you have not done so, stop by our Insurance-agents-survival-store and check out the different e-books we offer.

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Thanks for being part of our team. Have a great day.

Life is good.

Ted Wolk

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