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When is best time of year to recruit new agents.
November 04, 2019

When is the best time of Year
to recruit new agents.

If your an existing or new agency manager or corporate recruiter, then you need to read this article.

As a successful agency builder and recruiter, I was always amazed at the number of agency managers and agents that use to say that the holiday months are the worst to sell and recruit and that it was time to take a vacation.

Well, as the old saying goes, if you believe it then it must be true.

However, during my tenure as an agency manager with over 150 agents, the months of November and December were our top two premium production months and was our best recruiting months.

Why, because peoples attitudes were more positive during this time of the year.

And as far as recruiting, most people who are unhappy with their careers and jobs are looking to make a change the first of the year.

So take a moment and read this article on when is the best time of the year to recruit

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