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Digging for Prospects. No one to call. Then you have a problem.
December 05, 2019

Life Insurance Prospecting

If your in the life insurance sales business and you woke up this morning with no one to call and maybe one pending so so appointment, then you have a prospecting problem.

Insurance companies and their management team hired you as an agent for one primary reason, and that is to go and find people to sell their products to, while at the same time offering you an opportunity to create a wonderful financially stable lifestyle. So you must decide if you are going to take the time develop a success formula for generating leads and prospects for you to call, If not, then maybe it's time to evaluate whether you really want to be in this business or not.

Ask any successful agent. Basically you are building your own business from scratch. Just like any other entrepreneur, you need to develop your client base.

On the positive side, there is that old saying "You will be underpaid for your time and effort in your first 2 or 3 years, but if you do become successful, you will be overpaid the rest of your career."

For me, as time went on, I eventually learned 2 things. #1, this is a numbers game and #2, to understand all the different ways to create a successful prospecting program.

This lead me to put a number of different action plans in place to create a successful prospecting formula, eventually leading up to the point where I worked strictly off of referrals.

I have put together an article on who, what, when, where and how to develop a successful prospecting formula. Take the time to review these Life Insurance prospecting techniques..

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