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How to build a daily recruiting action plan for your agency.
May 25, 2016

Building a daily action plan to recruit and develop new insurance agents

If recruiting insurance agents and building an agency was easy, everyone would have a big insurance agency. But its not easy, and most new managers think they can just hire anyone that is breathing and that every person they hire will become an instant success and make them rich.

Almost every failing manager I have visited with, does not really want to commit to the time and effort that is really needed to enjoy this position. And amazingly, they don't even want to invest money in themselves, which is a sign that they don't even believe in themselves. Or in many cases, they got recruited by a manager or a company that does not even have the right format or support systems to help them recruit and properly build an agency.

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, 90% of the e-mails that I receive on Agency Building and Recruiting are from new and existing managers who are having recruiting and retention problems.

They all seem to have the same problem. They are now a manager and they all want to hire people, but the problem is that they really have no plan or system, or even know how to develop and build a recruiting action plan. They operate in an ad hoc manner. They are all excited and want to hire X amount of people, but wonder why they are having problems.

So I decided it is time to address this issue. This is article 2 of a 3 part series on how to build a daily recruiting action plan.

Note the emphasized word daily. Recruiting is not a monthly or yearly event. It is a daily event, and it requires daily goals and accurate record keeping.

To view this second article click >> Building a daily recruiting plan, Part 2

You should read the first article before you read article number 2. Here is that link to the first article >> Build a Plan to Recruit Insurance Agents

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