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   Build a plan to recruit insurance agents by     using a day by day detailed plan of action 

This is number 1 of a 2 part series on developing a day by day
business plan to recruit insurance agents.

Building a Plan to Recruit Insurance Agents can only be done by creating a detailed day by day recruiting action plan that will generate resultsBuilding a Plan to Recruit Insurance Agents can only be done by creating a detailed day by day recruiting action plan that will generate results

Recruiting insurance agents is a timely and tedious process

Is it important to build a detailed action plan to recruit insurance agents? Yes, because it is in all the details. But what are the details? 

90% of the e-mails that I receive on Agency Building and Recruiting are from new and existing managers who are having insurance recruiting and retention problems. 

They all seem to have the same problem. They are now a manager and they all want to hire people, but the problem is that they really have no plan or system, or even know how to develop and build a recruiting action plan. They operate in an ad hoc manner. And in many cases they are recruiting to the wrong environment, which is why many new agents fail right up front.  

They are all excited and want to hire X amount of people, but wonder why they are having problems. So I decided it is time to address this issue. This is article 1 of a 3 part series on how to build a daily recruiting action plan. Note the emphasized word daily. Recruiting is not a monthly or yearly event. It is a daily event. 

A lot of those e-mails indicate they do not have any support from management. If that is the case, and I know that is usually true, then those of you in management or wanna be managers need to take heed. 

First and foremost,  you must be successful at selling. You are example number  (1) one. You first need to be able to sell successfully the product you want your recruits to sell. If you are not doing this, then how in the world can you train your recruits to be successful.  And most importantly, how can you expect someone to join you, if you are not successful. 

for some reason they think they can hire insurance agents as if they were hiring employees to work at McDonald's. Recruiting insurance agents is not anything like hiring hourly employees who are looking for a paycheck.

Recruiting insurance agents is the art of finding people that want a career, who are motivated by wanting to change their status quo for the better, and  to help them grow financially to help their families.  

This is why I developed my agency building and recruiting manual and modules.  It provides you with a detailed plan of action along with scripts and forms. 12 separate modules using the same systems I used to build a 150 person agency in 7 years. Created to help managers develop a system, including recruiting sales talks and tools to manage your agents on a daily basis.

Failing to plan is a plan to fail.

To build a plan to recruit insurance agents requires a different mindset than if you were hiring employees or people at random, Insurance recruitment requires a much more detailed plan of action. it is not just the creation of general statements like i want to hire 20 agents this year.

The hard part is that  "building a detailed insurance agent recruiting action plan takes time, patience and requires a format that details step by step actions that you must do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Successful recruiters call this a system.

So let me ask you this. If you wanted to start a successful basketball team,

  1. do you interview everyone that walks in and is breathing, or

  2. do you only visit with people over 6 foot 5 inches tall, and pick out the best? 

I would hope your answer is number 2.

Based on that analogy, what do you think the process should be  for you to generate and get prospective recruits in front of you on a regular basis?

So what is the first starting point? 

Creating a successful recruiting and agency building plan uses the same process as building a pro-forma.  A pro-forma is a detailed business plan of action that lays out goals and the steps needed to achieve the end result. it defines what needs to be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to achieve the end result.  

This can not be done in generality, such as writing down i want to hire 3 people at end of 90 days. This does nothing, it is just a statement and not a plan. That is not how you Build a plan to recruit insurance agents.

Making the above general statement is like saying "i am taking a trip to Italy"  Its only a statement. The details are:

  1. how are you getting there,
  2. what airline,
  3. how much time do i want to spend,
  4. what do i want to visit,
  5. how much money do i need to take,
  6. what will i be doing on a day by day basis, etc.

what we are saying is that achieving your goals can not be accomplished by making a general statement like "i plan on having $12,000 premium in 90 days" or "I plan on hiring 3 people in 90 days."   

What really needs to be said is "How am I going to accomplish my goal numbers?

One way of accomplishing a large task is to use the "how to eat an elephant" analogy.
i will discuss this in more detail in our next article.

if you honestly want to create a detailed action plan and do it right, it is going to take a minimum of 2 or 3 days of work.

due to limitations, there is no way i can provide all the exact details needed here. This is why i developed my agency building manual and modules. However, This 3 part series will try to give you some type of outline to help you with the mindset that is required to do it right. 

Its all in the details. So what are the details. Where do we start?

First of all, any business plan has to have a starting point and that starting point requires one to actually work backwards and detail every aspect. As in every successful endeavor there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.

In our next article (#2) we will discuss how the wanna be recruiters and managers operate, compared to the successful recruiters. As always there is a wrong way and a right way to recruit.  We will look at 18 steps of how to Build a plan to recruit insurance agents, such as where do i start to find recruits?

If you have not checked out our insurance agent survival store, you should do so now. 

Here is link to article number 2 in this series.

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