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What are considered quality recruits?

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Where do I find good insurance recruits?

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Finding Insurance recruiting ideas when I first started in the agency building business was pretty tough.  All I was told was to hire anyone if they were breathing and could fog up a mirror if you held it in front of them. Bad advice. After spinning my wheels for several years, wasting a lot of my precious time and getting frustrated, I regrouped and decided to take a fresh new approach.

So let me try and save you a lot of time and answer the number one question, you are asking yourself:

As life insurance recruiter and agency manager, what kind of 
people should I recruit?

To answer that question, one needs to first recognize what type of people we should be looking for?

As my mentor told me, if you are looking to put a basketball team together, and you had a room full of 200 people, who would you pick?

The answer is is obvious, however if your not a professional insurance recruiter you probably would not know the answer.

Here is what he told me. You would pick out all the people who are over 6 ft tall and line them up for try outs. Now, there may be one heck of a basketball player in that room of 200 people who is under 6 ft tall, but do you really want to go through trying out every one of them. Of course not. You start with the people that will give you the best chance at winning, those over 6 ft tall.

The same is true in recruiting quality life insurance agents. So, the question then becomes, what is a quality life insurance agent prospect? Of all the insurance recruiting ideas that I heard, this one really stayed imprinted in my mind forever, as it held the biggest truth.

Let consider these insurance recruiting ideas when we are looking
for a prospective agent?

  • Someone that can communicate, not just talk.
  • Can teach, Make people understand.
  • Can actually create a consensus with a prospect.
  • Can prospect, this is why we hire people.
  • Has credibility.
  • Looks and acts professional.
  • Can learn your system of selling.
  • Type "A" person.
  • Has some type of target market.
  • Does their situation allow them to start part time.
  • Has worked with people, on committees, organizations, etc.

The person we are looking for needs to be able to communicate with people. I mean communicate, not just talking, as well as many of the other above attributes.

The job of an insurance salesperson is to teach their clients and their new prospects what the purpose of life insurance is, and how it can provide peace of mind.  People will not buy something they do not clearly understand.  

What usually happens with a new agency manager or agency recruiter is that they end up finding someone (unqualified) who says "Yes, let me try the insurance  business" and then the agency manager/insurance recruiter ends up spinning their wheels and wonder why they are working so hard and getting no where.

Continuing to recruit and hire the wrong person or persons is an energy drainer and not an energy giver experience. I hope these insurance recruiting ideas will point you in the right direction when it comes to selecting new people.

Locating people to build your insurance agency.

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