Why insurance agents
fail or succeed

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Understanding the reasons and symptoms of why
insurance agents fail or succeed

Why insurance agents  fail or succeed

There are many reasons why insurance agents fail or succeed. Becoming an insurance agent is not about calling on people and going out and making a canned presentation. It first requires a business mind set, communication skills and relationship building skills.

Failing is easy. Failing is usually the result of laziness, improper training, your work environment and most of all not having a business plan and bad habits.  

Being successful requires studying, reading, learning from a mentor, organizational skills, developing systems and stamina.

This article discuss's many of the key facets to being a successful agent, along with tips and techniques to help you solve many of the problems and mistakes that failing agents make. 

Rule #1 for failure of a new agent....  a new agent starting out in the life insurance business as a life insurance broker, sets the stage for failure right away.  understand the difference

If you are a new life insurance agent coming into the business or an
existing agent, the below information may help you understand
what is required to not become a failure.

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New and Existing agents need to understand how to put it all together
to create their own success formula

Successful life insurance agents have learned the most important rule to success and that is how to master systems. as time goes on and experienced is gained, each system gets refined. Systems are like golf swings or bowling. You repeat them over and over again and refine them. they then becomes your success formula.

below you will see all the different systems/tools a person must master to become successful. each one is a system. each article includes a subset of ideas to help you.

  • getting organized
  • Building your action plan
  • Phone calling
  • selling is a 95% people business
  • Appointment setting skills
  • listening
  • life insurance sales cycle
  • referred leads cards system, the second sale or the hitch
  • concept selling
  • fact finding
  • relationship building
  • presentation, determine the theme by finding the motivating factor
  • closing techniques
  • client service, relationship building skills 
  • planning ahead. yearly action plan
  • sales tips and techniques

As I stated above, rule #1 for failure of a new agent....is starting out in the life insurance business and going to work as a life insurance broker. This, in my opinion, ultimately sets the stage for failure. I personally have very little respect for the life insurance broker/agency managers that hires neophytes/brand new inexperienced sales people and then expect them to be successful by giving them a full menu of products to sell before they even understand the basics of selling. almost all the top quality broker agencies i know will not hire neophytes. understand the difference.

Managers must teach by learning to Lead by example and lead from the front.

Foot note: if you came to this page for an instant fix, forget it. its not going to happen. it takes patience and study time. You need to set up a block of time each day and then take the time to view each of the sessions you feel are your biggest problem and then do the in depth study that the successful people do.

That is how you gain experience and sales skills. If you can't do that, your on your first step to failure as an insurance agent.

the difference between "why insurance agents fail or succeed" is knowledge, role playing and repetition of a success formula.

Ted Wolk, author

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Why insurance agents fail or succeed
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