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Changing your bad insurance selling habits
September 01, 2016

Changing Your Bad Insurance Selling Habits

Bad habits sometimes are not even recognized by someone who is having a problem in a certain sales or marketing area.

As an example: I gave a talk to an agency via skype a couple weeks ago because the manager said the agents were having sales problems. I started out by asking the agents a series of questions:

Tell me what your closing ratio to interviews are.

What is your average size sale.

What is your best target market that sales are coming from?

How many phone calls do you need to make to set one appointment?

Amazingly, none of them had an answer or even knew what I was referring to.

This is where good record keeping comes into play.

Bad habits are sometimes the result of poor training or no training. In this case, we had to fix the book keeping problem before we could identify any bad habits.

Bad habits when it comes to prospecting, selling and being your own boss results in failure.

Bad habits during a phone call, presentation or closing will continue to provide a lower sales ratio.

So how do we fix bad habits. Number one of course, is a person has to recognize that they have a bad habit. In most cases salespeople know what they are.

As an example, an insurance agent who does not have enough new prospects to call everyday, or the agent who knows they are having a problem making phone calls. Sometimes it just getting yourself fired up and actually going to work.

To change any type of bad habit, will require a behavior modification in yourself. This requires a complete new mind set, along with an attitude adjustment.

One of the best methods I used and trained my agents to use was the use of a 3 X 5 card that I carried in my shirt pocket everyday. take a moment to read this article on changing your bad habits

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