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Dear Mr. Ted

I have failure and bad experience in recruiting and train the new recruiters thus I frustrated and decide to not hire anybody and just like to maintain my exiting agents and concentrate my personal sales.

I changed my mind and realize my thought is wrong and all the way I have been doing wrong method of recruiting process. I will build up my confident level on recruiting and training new agents with your proper guidance.

From year 2012 my full concentration should be in agency building. In order to prepare some kits for new comers, I have a few doubts that need to be cleared so that I need your help in this matter. What kind of training materials, methods, skills and knowledge should have for:

1) agents those before sit for insurance exam 2) after exam but before sign agreement 3) after signing agreement 4) first month 5) 30 days to 60 days agents 6) 90 days agents 7) 6 month agents and 1 year agents.

If I prepare all the training kits upfront, I feel I don’t have to worry about training new comers with full of confident and systematic. For your information I never and don’t have this kind of training materials until I read through your recruiting manual. Thank you so much Mr. Ted wolk’s.

Hope will hear from you soon.


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