How to close on the objection.
Selling Insurance requires good closing skills.

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Learning how to use objections to help you
close the sale can be powerful.

Closing on the objection.

This  little known sales secret is not taught in any insurance sales training schools. Learning how to use it can be a career changing moment.

If you are selling insurance, or for that matter anything, you must be able to close the sale.

There are a number of different methods taught on how to close a sale, but this concept can work for just about any type of a salesperson. In my case, it really helped make a big difference in my personal closing ratio numbers.

This concept was one that I came across early in my career. It is called “closing on the objection.”

What do I mean when I say closing on the objection?

Let’s take a closer look at how this concept works. But first, Lets look at some of the things that happen in any closing situation.

  • When selling insurance, every presentation will reach that point when you actually have to ask that person to buy. And we all know there is usually going to be some type of objection that pops up by the prospect. This is just human nature and part of the sales process.
  • In most cases the client is really asking for reaffirmation of their decision from you, the agent. They are looking for re-assurance.
  • Another reason for an objection by the prospect when you’re selling  insurance, may be that the prospect needs clarification, help or direction from you to get the policy or product started.
  • However, instead of us really listening  to what the client is saying, we usually go into a defense mode. Our blinders go on.
  • In other words, as soon as the client starts to object, we automatically start thinking about what we are going to comeback and say to the prospect, instead of paying close attention and listening to them.

I have even seen agents get into a debate or an argument with the client, and they don’t even realize it. How does that saying go “win the battle, but loose the war?”

My first reaction was: "What’s up with this closing concept?"

When I purchased this sales training program called “closing on the objections.” I listened to the tapes and went over them several times and it just never made sense to me.

Being a rookie in the Insurance business, I am saying to myself: “this closing on the objection concept wants me to stop moving forward in my closing presentation, and come back and start talking with this client about his objection.”

That is crazy. Why would you want to start discussing the client’s objection with him or her. I really did not want to go back there. I did not want to add fuel to the fire and compound more problems.

The insurance agent closing technique I was thought in school seemed to be the easiest and best approach:

I wanted to stay on course using the 3 step method I was taught, to close:

  1. Using the cushion, (Mr. Prospect I appreciate your concern (cushion)
  2. Bypass; (however let me share something with you-(Next year will more expensive, etc.)
  3. Then move into a standard typical close. 

   Such as:

  • I need to ask you a couple health questions,
  • are monthly premiums more convenient
  • Would you want your wife as beneficiary, etc.)

Sure the above 3 step closing process works some of the time, but what really happens in most instances is we simple miss the whole point of what that person may be trying to ask you. We then try several different closes, as shown above, to no avail and we then get frustrated.

What we need to understand is that when a person gives you an objection, they may really be saying:

  • I don’t really understand how this really fits my situation.
  • I am unclear on this issue.
  • This is not what I was looking for.
  • Please help me understand and clarify what you are saying.

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As with any problems in life, you need to face them head on.

The same is true with this concept of closing on the objection. Don’t try to avoid it. Jump in there and find out what is really happening inside of that prospects mind.

Let me again repeat what I said in the beginning.

“What happens when your prospect starts to object to buying your product?"

In most cases, before your prospect is done objecting, you the agent, are already thinking about what you are going to say to the prospect, and this causes you to immediately stop listening to what s/he is really saying. I learned that this was a bad habit that I needed to correct. I needed to learn to listen.

You must listen, and only then will you learn how to ask the right insurance questions to close any insurance sales.

So that you have a clearer understanding of how closing on the objection actually works, I have included a couple case studies for you to review. Click this link to see a couple examples of how closing on the objection works.

As always, I hope that these insurance marketing ideas will help you make more sales. Selling Insurance should be fun.

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Closing on the objection

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