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We have joined with one the leading financial planning software companies in the country to bring you an ongoing series of free financial planning software  webinars. 

financial planning software creates a major competitive selling advantage for insurance agentsSoftware selling tools sets you apart from your competition.

Free Live Online Training

Impact is pleased to offer free financial planning software webinars live online training. a continuing series of weekly live practice-building programs featuring our leading financial and estate planning software applications.These weekly 30-minute live webinars are designed to help potential and existing subscribers jump-start their knowledge and use of these software applications. 

If nothing more, you may just learn a number of great selling ideas
by just attending these free no obligation financial
planning software webinars 

notice: these financial planning software programs are only available to insurance agents in the united states, however other insurance agents may learn some valuable selling ideas from these seminars. 

Webinar 1) PlanFacts Overview:

What is Plan Facts? It is a suite of financial planning software programs created to help insurance agents sell more insurance in specific target markets. 

Have general questions about Plan Facts? Are you taking advantage of all that PlanFacts has to offer? This informal, question-and-answer session, provides immediate answers and step-by-step instructions to common “how-to” questions.

In this session, advisors learn: Overview of PlanFacts general navigation

“How-to” use the dashboard screen effectively: pull up saved cases, make profile changes, and access the Success Center How Plan Facts applications work together to maximize opportunities Questions may be asked throughout the session.

Time will be allocated to briefly explore each tool and answer any specific questions. Promotional codes will be provided at the end of each session.

The Plan Facts Overview sessions are held every Thursday at 3:00 pm Eastern Time. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes.

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Software selling tools sets you apart from your competition.These 
Financial Planning Software Webinars can show you how.

Webinar 2) Impact’s Social Security Pro and Cash Flow Decisions:

This is one of the easiest and simple target market software programs designed for new agents coming into the business, as well as experienced agents wanting to advance their client relationships.  

In this session, you will learn:

How to help clients understand their Social Security claiming choices and develop an optimal Social Security retirement income, customized just for them.

Impact’s SSPro and Cash Flow Decisions software will be analyzed in this webinar.

See how you can look at Social Security maximization separately or how taxation, capital gains, RMDs, asset distribution order, post retirement order, other income, or MAGI reductions affect the Social Security timing and strategy.

How Social Security Pro’s and Cash Flow Decision’s unique and state-of-the-art interactive approach gives you a compelling reason for face-to-face meetings with prospects and clients.

Social Security Pro and Cash Flow Decisions practice-building sessions are being held every Tuesday at 2 p.m. Eastern Time, except on Federal holidays.

Each session lasts 30-45 minutes, and you will have an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session.

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Financial planning software makes a neophyte agent look like
a seasoned financial planning professional. These Financial
Planning Software Webinars can show you how.

Webinar 3) The Best of Life Goals.

Impact’s Life Goals is one program that solves multiple client insurance and investment needs. It is a software selling program that can make the new insurance agent look like a seasoned pro. 

Life Goals is a classic needs presentation updated for today’s clients. This product can be used for any demographic.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to best use this interactive tool with prospects and clients
  • Emphasize on a specific need or multiple needs
  • Exposing a need and showing course of action
  • Show how recommendations impact one’s situation
  • How LifeGoals syncs with other PlanFacts products

The Best of Impact’s LifeGoals practice-building sessions are held every Tuesday
at 3 p.m. Eastern Time.

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I am confident that if you attend these free financial planning software webinars you will see how selling insurance can be fun.

Ted Wolk, author 

Free Financial Software Selling webinars

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