Mission Statement

Every article on this website is like a mini-training school. use the nav bars on either side of this page to locate your area of interest or subject you need help with.

Mission Statement

Since 2008 our main objective has been to help insurance agents like you, with new ideas and provide you with Insurance selling and recruiting ideas.

these proven and tested insurance sales tips and techniques will teach you the secrets of how to work smarter and not harder, as well as grow and prosper. We have also created a special insurance recruiters and agency building section.

Among the many topics on our insurance help website is a reliable sure fire, proven and tested prospecting concept we call *The Referred Lead Card System. If you want an ongoing never ending supply of leads, then you must learn how to use this prospecting tool. Its absolutely free.

Just this one idea alone will help you generate a continuous flow of quality insurance prospects. Then tie this together with the other insurance sales training tips and selling techniques that we provide, and you will greatly enrich your life insurance selling career.

Life insurance agents and insurance brokers, whether new or experienced are constantly striving for new Insurance selling and recruiting ideas.

We have over 200 pages of insurance marketing ideas to help insurance agents market insurance products, generate life insurance leads, get organized and do the things that successful agents do.

Selling Life insurance and staying competitive requires the continuous generation of life insurance leads, strong work habits, ongoing life insurance sales training and fresh new insurance marketing ideas.

Some Of The Key Topics Covered In This Website Are

  • A system to generate ongoing referred leads (#1 reason for agent failure)
  • Sure fire closing techniques (Learn the 75-20-5 concept of closing)
  • A daily action plan (no business plan, then plan to fail)
  • The sales process (learn the 3 steps of the sales cycle)
  • Target marketing (Specific market segments)
  • Getting organized (Most agents’ number one problem)
  • The pro's and con's of a new insurance agents job
  • Insurance marketing ideas (strategies, sales tips, concept selling)
  • how to build your own personal website

Start your journey on our site with with our How To Sell Insurance and Concept Marketing page or use our Site Map or the navigation bars on the left side of this page to locate your specific interest.

i hope that these ideas on generating life insurance leads and the insurance selling tips and technique articles will help you in grow your career as an insurance agent.

We also have a special insurance agent recruiting section for managers and agency builders. 

Knowledge is Power

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